How has Corona affected you financially?

By trumpman | trumpman | 20 Aug 2020


Had this discussion with a couple peeps today so I figured it will make a nice topic for discussion :D

As for me, I am lucky enough to work in a private bussiness that parasitizes directly on the public sector and that sweet tax payer money! So I haven't missed a single payment. Furthermore, I asked for a raise about six months ago but I got a big fat no so I am working way less than I used to do and they can't touch me for at least the end of the year, thanks to the stupid new corona laws that protect workers from being fired, lol. Thank you socialism ! I get paid the same but work less than half than I used to. And thank you tax payers ­č嬭čśé

And working less for my job means that I have way more energy and time for all my side gigs, like posting here on hive, doing crypto bounties etc etc. And surprisingly my cryptobags are also doing well, getting heavier and heavier. I was sure BTC and cryptos in general would get fucked by Corona but it turned out that isn't the case...quite the least for now!

So yeah. I am doing really good! Not that it matters much as I have a feeling that we are heading towards a huge recession and a global economic reset. But maybe that's just good ol' me, always seeing the glass half empty and things won't get that bad.

Anyways. Yeah. How are you holding up?

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