Blurt is out...

By trumpman | trumpman | 6 Jul 2020

...and its shitty like fuck! 

Don't know who is behind this thing but it definitely doesn't aspire much confidence. Don't remember exactly where, but today I stumbled upon the announcement along with an invite link for the official blurt discord:

In case you haven't heard, blurt is yet another steem fork. Supposedly, the snapshot was taken sometime before or after the hive fork, so chances are you will get more or less the same airdrop. I say supposedly, because the official condenser, , is shitty and buggy like fuck. And most importantly, the wallet returns a 404 error so I can't check the status of my wallet. 

Heck, they even managed the impossible. To have an even shittier trending page then



Honestly, I am too afraid to log in with my voting key to milk some rewards. Who knows what malicious shit could be running in the background. 

I am definitely dumping with the first opportunity. 

Blurt guys, thank you for the free money in advance!

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