Blockchain browser BRAVE reaches 10 million users in November

Blockchain browser BRAVE reaches 10 million users in November

By trumpman | trumpman | 7 Dec 2019


2019 is almost over, the bear crypto market seems to have no end, but BRAVE continues to grow! According to the numbers provided by the company, Brave expanded its base from 8.7 million in October to over 10 million by the end of November!  

Not only that, but Brave saw a 12x increase in new verified publishers! IMO, some of them are definitely leechers, abusing the tokens given freely from fresh installations or whatever and tipping themselves, but growth is growth regardless!

 Just have a quick look over all the publishes joining the project here: 

Most are small everyday guys with a couple hundreds or thousands followers, but every now and then you can see some big names popping, with followers in the millions, like..WIKIPEDIA! I don't think it will be long before all major big names starting to line up as official bat publishers! 

All in all, I think BRAVE is doing pretty good considering how most projects struggle to hold their communities together. Take for example steemit.  At its peak it was according to alexa a 500# site, now it's at #14,227, lol! And it keeps going down!

Certainly the BRAVE guys are doing something correctly, and if 2017 repeats itself, even to a fraction, I can easily see BAT (the official token of BRAVE browser) going over 1-2 $ per piece.Hopefully, till that happens as I am loading myself BAT every day. It's not much, usually a couple dozen pieces a day, from the profits of various bounties I am doing here and there.

I just wish we saw Steemit, or some other steem interface, somehow implementing BAT to reward their users, like, which is the only steemit-like site that is doing good (at least in regards to traffic) during this bear market!

Are you loading yourself with some BAT yet?


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