And the shitcoin of the day is...

By trumpman | trumpman | 15 Jun 2021

When Lambo?

Soon! Very soon!

The day you cryptoplebs have been waiting for is finally here!

Just get some $whenlambo on your hands, wait a couple days for the rug pull and boom! Lambo the next day. It just won't be for you. But a lambo is still a lambo, even if it is someone else on the driving seat:


Buy a lambo today for someone else at

Honorable mentions

At this point dog shit coins feel like a distant remnant of the past but hey! If you enjoy getting ripped by a dog be my guest. Here's some fresh dog shit for you:


Hurry! Onboard the MOONDOGELON train fast before it rug puls at

Disclaimer: All coins in the shitcoin of the day series are featured purely for amusement purposes. If you invest in them you are an idiot and deserve to die poor.


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