XdappTron - Introduce new platform + Huge Competition 130K TRX
XdappTron - Introduce new platform + Huge Competition 130K TRX

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 24 Feb 2020

Xdapp has now supported TRON, and before that, it has run stably on
EOS about one year, and has been reached the top 1 among EOS dapps.

Xdapp has issued the token XDAP based on the smart contract, to share
the platform interests to all players. Xdapp adopts Hash to ensure the
absolute fairness of the game. In this way, a brand new blockchain
ecology system is built, with a new, safe, transparent and boundless game
playing platform




Product Scheme

Support many kinds of currencies, realizing profit sharing and developing
various games, making us stand out from hundreds of dapps. Through
CDN speeding, we have utilized the protection of cloud firewall to
provide the most stable server. We use the intelligent AI to easily
recognize suspicious activities. Cross-platform also allows users holding
different digital currencies to enjoy our games at any time and place. Xdapp platform will support multiple cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH recharge and will carry out deep cooperation with well- known wallet, exchange, to bring users with more pleasure. 
Absolutely fair based on hash
We clear know that fairness is the mission of blockchain games. Cryptocurrencies and smart contract have perfectly solved the problems
of injustice of traditional games. With this mission, we use the smart
contract technology to create the absolute fairness of the blockchain

Share profits with players

As to the traditional game platform, the relationship between the players
and the platform is the relationship of customers and service providers, which is simple and exists apparent profit conflict. While at Xdapp, players can mine XDAP tokens by playing games and enjoy the profit
dividends by stake the XDAP tokens. Every player is the shareholder of
the platform, and the relationship between the platform and players is of
the profit sharing and win-win cooperation.



Tronxdapp.io | 


 Lower platform extraction

The extraction of traditional online game platform is generally 4%-5% of
bet amount each time. Xdapp has the extraction of 2%, and it will return
the 75% profit at most to the players with the forms of token buy-back
and destroy, stake dividends, stock dividends, vip rewards, event rewards, etc.




How to enter on PC

1. Install the plug-in TronLink; Click the Tronlink icon at the top right
corner of the Chrome browser to enter.

2. Set your Tronlink password and get some trx to active your account.

3. Click login in the game and confirm transation to login.

 How to enter on mobile

Download tron wallet app find Xdapp(tron) or enter tronxdapp.io directly!
We almost listed on all tron wallet ,such as TokenPocket、BitKeep、
TronLink、TronWallet etc.

Stock Subscription

For the purpose of truly realizing that players are the shareholders, and
the platform Xdapp belongs to the players, we directly open 10% stocks
for sale!

Number of stock
The total number of stock subscription is 10,000 shares, never added for


 Stock can be transfered

We will open the stock transaction, allowing players to freely transfer the
stocks, and having the chance of more profits.

 Price of stock

For sale of each share, the price of stock will increase 0.1TRX. The price
function of stock is:
Price = Num * 0.1 + 500;
Price is the price of stock, and Num is the sold number of stock. As the
number of stock sold gradually increases, the cost of each share will be
higher. NOW price 689TRX !!!!!!



 Dividends of stock

10% of total Earnings at the Xdapp platform will directly go into the
stock reward pool, and the players will share the stock reward pool
according to their share holding ratios.


 Rights of shareholders
The users who have bought over 100 shares of stock may join the Xdapp
hundred-share club, and participate in the product decision and voting, getting the Xdapp product dynamics in the first time.



Token System

In order to effectively motivate the builders and player of the game
community and promote the ecology prosperity of the platform, Xdapp
has issued the primary Token popular in the platform:

XDAP. The total number of XDAP is 1 billion.

 XDAP distribution scheme




How to get XDAP

1. Mine. Every time play 1 TRX, the XDAP will be mined as the reward.

2. Get by everyday task reward.

3. Buy it on exchange.


What can be used for XDAP

1.Buy-back and destory. To protect the interests of users holding the XDAP, Platform will take out
10% of platform total earnings to buy-back and destroy the XDAP
everyday. The buy-back price will be decided by players. Players may
choose the quantity of XDAP to be sold every day.Reward pool will continue to accumulate every day.

2. Stake dividends. The platform will take out 25% of platform total earnings as dividends for
XDAP stake.

3. Play games. We will gradually support the XDAP play for games.you can use XDAP
to play all games on platform.

4. Exchange on exchanges. XDAP will be list on famous exchanges.So you can exchange it anytime.


 The value of XDAP

Xdapp is a game platform in rapid development, which will contain
thousands of game player in the future. XDAP will be the important and
popular Token at platform. With the repid growth of players at the
platform and the sustained development of game ecology, the value of
XDAP will gradually elevate.


More about XDAP

1. Mining of XDAP. The total amount of mined XDAP is 700 million, which will be mined by
20 rounds, with each round of 35 million. Play 20 TRX mine 1 XDAP in
first round, the mining amount of next round will be cut as 50% of this
round. For instance, Play 40TRX mine 1XDAP in second round , play 80
TRX mine 1 XDAP in third round.



2. Buy-back and destruction of XDAP. To improve XDAP value constantly, we will take out 10% from the total
earnings to buy back and destroy the XDAP.

The users can choose the quantity to be sold everyday. The XDAP of
buy-back will be directly destroyed.

3. XDAP stake dividends
To improve the XDAP value,We will take out 25% of the platform total
earnings to divs to the players who stake XDAP.

Activity System

 Task system
Reward of the first bet: After the players make the first bet every day, they can get 10 XDAP reward. Wager reward: 10% of XDAP of mining quantity. In the first round of mining, data of each item in the everyday task system
is as follows:




Invitation system
If other players play the game first time by your invitation link, you will
directly get 20% of the mining earnings of the invited players. That is, for
each 10000 TRX bet, the players will the mine 500XDAP. At the same
time, you will also get 100XDAP for invitation reward. Once the
invitation relation is established, it will be valid permanently.

148 Hours End into Competition about 100K TRX for first place 

Who will get 100,000 (100K) $TRX prize this week?

1st - 100,000 TRX !!!

2nd - 20000 TRX

3rd - 6000 TRX

4th - 2000 TRX

5th - 1000 TRX

My opinion is that XdappTron comes again with something else and thus contributes to the development of Dapp and deserves attention.
For now, as with any new gambling-based Dapp, he has a dream start with the best ROI.
But everything will show only time.
They certainly grasped the initial stock-taking in the form of Stock and share holders.
Try also I'm IN.

Link to website - https://www.tronxdapp.io


With regards 


Hi I'm a crypto fan, Living in Czech Republic


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