SelfKey Trading Pair Launched & 2x KEY competitions worth $3k USD each!

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 24 Jan 2020


The team at Play Royal are very happy to introduce newest trading partner, SelfKey. SelfKey is a blockchain identity solution that was started in 2017 and is now worked on by over 35 staff. Trading on major exchanges included Binance, KEY sees over 1.5m USD in volume per day and has a large following.

SelfKey is a great project for anyone interested in crypto, with SelfKey you can:

  • Securely manage your crypto identity easily in a noncustodial wallet
  • Apply and set up a bank account in one click
  • Access different marketplaces such as exchanges, loans and more all from within the SelfKey wallet

For more information on this great project visit:


To celebrate the launch of KEY on Play Royal, SelfKey have been gracious enough to supply us with over $6,000 USD in KEY to give to our players and traders. With these funds we will be hosting two competitions starting right now, a trading competition as well as a dice competition. These prizes are sure to attract some attention, so best of luck to everyone! We look forward to seeing you all on the leaderboards.

A big thank you to SelfKey, let’s make sure they feel welcomed on Play Royal.

SelfKey Trading Competition

Highest buy volume on the KEY-ETH pair wins top prize!


STARTED ON Jan 23, 2020 9:00 PM ENDS Jan 30, 2020 9:00 PM

1 - tokens_icon-KEY.svg400,000 KEY

2 - tokens_icon-KEY.svg300,000 KEY

3 - tokens_icon-KEY.svg240,000 KEY

4 - tokens_icon-KEY.svg200,000 KEY

5 - tokens_icon-KEY.svg150,000 KEY


6.........50 - tokens_icon-KEY.svg 2,000 KEY

You can find winnings in other places at PlayRoyal
So far only 20 participants have been involved
As you can see in the picture


4 other competitions are now running at PlayRoyal.
Get involved and be one of those who bites off a piece of cake ;-)

BOSS Dice Competition ENDS IN5 DAYS

  BRN Dice Competition ENDS IN4 DAYS

  PYRO Dice Competition ENDS IN3 DAYS

  PYRO Trading Competition ENDS IN3 DAYS


and others will be launched soon

Want to know more about PlayRoyal read my "cover" article why you need PLAY and RWD.

Link to website -



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