Play Royal - Why You Need $PLAY and $RWD.

Play Royal - Why You Need $PLAY and $RWD.

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 13 Jan 2020

Why You Need $PLAY and $RWD.

The dilemma most people face when investing in crypto-currencies is whether to invest in a widely known currency such as Bitcoin which has already gone through extensive periods of exponential growth or to focus on a newer, less well known project which has more potential and more risk. What everyone is really looking for is a new sustainable project that will survive the dips and grow exponentially, just as Bitcoin did in the past. Ideally something with a clear vision and a clear use case.

Most new projects start with high hopes which are dashed on the rocks of reality and fade away. What you are looking for is something that will survive and thrive, it needs a clear focus and use case. You are looking for a project which is growing and updating continuously. You are looking to be one of the “clever ones” who spotted it early when nobody had heard of it and the market cap was virtually non-existent. You are looking for a project where you can humble brag about it on your Twitter feed, next to the picture of your new Tesla.

Some of the most successful coins are those started by the exchanges themselves, such as Binance coin, which is currently in the top ten by market capitalization. They have an inbuilt advantage because the exchange can create currency pairs to their own currency and then use their profits to burn the currency, reducing the supply and increasing the demand. The next most common use of crypto-currencies is in gambling. Gambling sites have an implicit advantage in crypto-currency, they are global in nature and have a clear use case. is currently the only crypto-currency site to combine both an exchange and gambling. By holding over one million PLAY you will get a daily share of the profits in RWD and by holding RWD you will get a weekly share of the profits of the exchange.



So, How Rich will I be?

If you had $1000 to buy PLAY at the time of writing, you would be the proud owner of around 12 million PLAY.

If PLAY were to reach the top 100 of currencies in Coin Market Cap it would currently need to have a market cap of $33 million. That would make $0.005 USD per PLAY and you would have $60,000, or a 6,000% increase.

Of course, crypto-currencies are weak at the moment, the total market capitalization could easily, return to previous highs which would give you around $180,000 or 18,000% increase. In the longer run it is likely that the previous market all time high would be exceeded and it could be much higher than that.

Also, please bear in mind that is only if it reaches the top 100, which would mean it would still be valued below relatively niche projects such as Siacoin or MaidsafeCoin.

By holding those 12 million PLAY you would get free RWD coins in addition to the investment gains specified above. RWD coins entitle you to a share of the profits from the exchange.

Assessing the price of the RWD coin much more difficult as the coin is intrinsically deflationary. Each day RWD coins are mined but they are then burned in the daily RWD parties, for more information please refer the PlayRoyal link above.

The amount of RWD coins which are in circulation appears to hover around 30 million, although this could change depending on supply and demand factors.

At the time of writing, if you owned $1000 worth of RWD, you would have around 70k RWD coins or 0.23% of the total available. So, 30 million RWD at a market capitialisation of 33 million would give of $1.1 per RWD or $77,000 USD, an increase of 7,700% which is more than holding the PLAY.


The RWD coins will generate free BTC, ETH,USDT and TRX with more coins to be added, and that could be very valuable if the exchange becomes more popular. It is currently the aim of the CEO of PlayRoyal to enter the top 100 exchanges. At the time of writing that would generate profits of around $250k per month, as 50% of these are shared that would be $125k profits distributed to RWD holders, so holding 0.23% of the total RWD would give $287 per month which could be used to compound the total RWD held.

In reality it is difficult to know if PLAY or RWD will be more profitable as PLAY is being traded on a larger number of exchanges than RWD and that may drive adoption.

It is worth bearing in mind that the PlayRoyal exchange requires no KYC and has a direct fiat gateway via Carbon so it may prove popular during the next crypto-currency boom.


So, what do I do now?

You can see the numbers look good. You can see how you are going to profit from the next boom. You’re starting to feel you need some more and that feeling is growing and intensifying.

Just login to set up an account buy now

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