Play Royal - Poker Competition

Play Royal - Poker Competition

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 10 Jan 2020

Play Royal - A Token Based Incentivized Gaming Platform & Market. $PLAY Responsibly #Poker Casino  Esports

Poker Competition

Win TRX prizes in this week-long Poker competition

#Poker week is live with 30K TRX up to the win +100% RP points!

ENDS IN 41 hours

STARTED ON Jan 5, 2020 9:00 AM

ENDS Jan 12, 2020 9:00 AM


1.       7,500 TRX

  2.       6,000 TRX

  3.        4,500 TRX

  3,600 TRX

  2,400 TRX

  1,800 TRX

  1,500 TRX

  1,200 TRX

  900 TRX

  10.          600 TRX

The tenth reward is now enough to bet 12,000 TRX and the first you can see in the picture.

Last 41 hours to participate in the competition.
Not many people play at PlayRoyal poker, so prices are pretty low


The lowest Blinds start at 5/10 TRX


PlayRoyal.Com Poker Tutorial

Link to website -


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