NoleLegends - next phase of the Beta

NoleLegends - next phase of the Beta

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 27 Nov 2019


What is NoleLegends?

NoleLegends is a decentralized collectibles application running on Tron’s blockchain. It has a special mystique that it aims to create a bridge between gamers, blockchain technology, and philanthropy. It seeks to achieve that goal by providing a fun experience that players can enjoy while also being something of an educational platform that touches on critical global issues such as climate change and poverty in such a way that it shows how compassion, hard work, and understanding can go a long way in fixing all those situations.

We will introduce 6 Individual collectibles that you can start your journey with.

collectible is an item worth far more than it was originally sold for because of its rarity and popularity, as well as its condition. The blockchain will confirm these 3 things in a transperant and fast way.

I bought a Legend! How do I level up my collectible?

In the next phase of the BETA, you will be able to grow your Legends in your own customizable Village. Here are the first test images of the village.

Why It’s Great:

-This Large village has enough slots for you to either grow legends, place buildings, decorations and make it your own special village.

-Visit your friends garden in the future to compare and exchange tips

-Discover Treasures and hidden easter eggs in your own village.

What is innovative with blockchain gaming?

All collectible games in the past gave you a physical copy of your collectible in your hand, this changed when all these collectible games went digital, The collectibles were owned by a Huge company and nobody had control over there own property or knows what the supply was. With blockchain technology, you have the most true version of owning collectibles and you are the only one that owns your Legend!

The moment you buy one of our legends it is your property until you decide to trade it on the market.

Can the blockchain handle MMO games like this?

Yes, the blockchain is the fastest and most transparent way to collect, trade and grow your collectibles. We will make sure this web-based game gives you the best experience in either Trading or owning your own village. Our social aspect will be Topnotch and available for everyone that want to discuss the values and Lore of Nolelegends. Our community will determine the Value of all our assets.

Can i play for free?

The Game is almost playable for Free! We first only had legends of a minimal of

$1 but with the following October update, we are going to make sure everyone can buy a baby legend and play for a minimal of $0,15 Cents. With $0,15 (800 $AMSK) you can own a collectible already on

NoleWater ($AMSK) is available on:

Current Values of our collectibles:

Dwarf: $1,848

Hawnthorn: $7,05

Tall Friendly Giant: $ 27,4

Kerala: $ 95,48

Khotan: $ 289,52

Pitaya: $ 585,2


All our collectibles can be Traded, Grown and gifted in-game

in 6 Days Our Early BETA participants will be able to test the P2P market out.

Early participants will also be rewarded with the $NOLE jackpot with a total of 11000 $NOLE.

Available on:

Of course, everyone likes the free-to-play model But we have to point out NoleLegends has limited assets in-game. you can trade and sell your legends at any time on the P2P market when you are growing & collecting in the game. In NoleLegends you don't have to spend extra money to boost yourself, you can spend your noleWater in-game again which you earned from growing, Training your legends, Earning Ranks, looting fruits and PVP battles.

Can i play on my mobile?


he BETA phase will be built for desktop browsers, As we grow in the BETA phase we will release the mobile version before the end of the year available on IOS and Android.

How do i buy a collectible Legend?

all our Collectibles are available in the Amordad shop for Sale paired with $TRX $NOLE and $AMSK

I am convinced! I want to play… What now?

You can buy a legend by First:

  • Installing Tronlink and make sure that you have a TRON wallet.

  • Make sure you have TRX $NOLE or $AMSK funds in your wallet.
  • Make sure you have a Tron wallet
  • Make sure you have enough TRX funds to purchase our tokens.

Use one of these exchanges to join the journey:



All exchange pairs are with TRON (TRX) and can be traded with any other cryptocurrency on the market.

  • Buy a legend Through the Amordad shop (link will be added)
  • Follow our tutorial on how to play
  • Join our community
  • The NoleLegends Dapps works on TRON Smart contract; hence it is advisable to freeze some TRX for energy. Alternatively, you can keep 5–10 TRX in your game wallet so that smart contracts can be executed.

From now you can start your journey with the legend of choice.

How do i grow, feed and master my legends?

When we Start the next Phase of the BETA you will be able to manage to grow feed and decorate your Own village/Garden ingame. This is fully owned by the person that is growing it.

How do i play NoleLegends?


NoleLegends is a Growing / Trading game. if you want to grow your village you first Need to Login into Tronlink and make sure you have $NOLE $AMSK $TRX Funds in the wallet you assigned it to

From the moment you log in with Tronlink, you can start your journey with us. You will be getting your own village that you can customize, show off to your friends, Plant and grow a legend of choice. Create incomes of Fruits that you can sell on the market again for $AMSK and gain ranks on the leaderboard. Gaining Ranks will earn you more and better rewards!

Everything you do you earn experience points with and the best Legends will win special loot boxes at the end of the month, as well as getting a share of the game income.

Your village is your property like the collectible legend, there is no one who can access it but you!

We have a small request for the #TRON community to come and test our craft out and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback about the game and our community is a priority right now and building the Dapp with us.

See you ingame Legend!

NoleLegends 2019

Grow your legend, be a legend.

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