BetFury dividend model

BetFury dividend model

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 18 Nov 2019


“The only thing that gives me pleasure is to see my dividend coming in.” — John D. Rockefeller.

The BetFury gambling platform is ready to launch the new attractive financial solution for people seeking to win and earn more. The Team of developers has done their best in order to configure this model to provide as much profit for the participants as it could be on the sustainable gambling platform. We truly believe that your bets are your investments which should deliver a return regardless of whether or not the bet wins or loses. BetFury aims to build a strong community with advanced opportunities of the all members. And the right to a dividend is an inalienable right of them. If you would like to join, please, familiarize with the short user’s guide and it becomes clear to you how to work with the model.

First, to receive BetFury tokens (BFG), users must bet on Tron (TRX).
Second, Mining starts with 20 TRX for 1 BFG at the first level, and the complexity will be increased by 1 TRX from each level, 2.5 million tokens per level. The table provides complete information about the mining procedure. Third, Token freezing occurs instantly, defrosting is made quite fast — within 24 hours. Dividends are distributed every 24 hours in the amount of 7 % of the total dividend pool.

So, as you can see, the model is quite simple but effective. We decided to introduce this because it is an important reflection of a platform’s value. Moreover, for us this is a way towards communicating its fundamental strength and sustainability. If you get a mail with congratulations on dividends you’ll be immediately happier and wealthier. As we base our gambling platform on interdependence, your prosperity is an essential part for future prospects and performance of BetFury. As a result, the dividend model is really worth. If you have any questions or proposals, please contact us:


29 TRX / 1 BFG
11 785 774.52/25 000 000.00
Next Price: 30 TRX / 1 BFG

Dividends now - 27 161 054.68 TRX ($466 545.44)

5.11 - 4M 6.11 - 5M 11.11 - 10M 13.11 - 12M 14.11 - 13M 15.11 - 15M 16.11 - 18M
17.11 - 22M


Estimate profit 1000 BFG

Day:8.3859 TRX
Month:251.5771 TRX
Quarter:754.7313 TRX


Max supply:

5 000 000 000 BFG

Total frozen:

226 795 431.00 BFG

Total mined:

236 963 643.50 BFG


4 029 868.00 BFG

Token distribution:

Mining 51%

Devs 20%

Marketing 10%

Referral 5%

Reserve 5%

Airdrops + Bonuses 5%

Strategic Partnership 4%


Mining is the system of obtaining Betfury BFG token by placing bets in in-house games. Minning stages are cropped to batches of tokens (25M each). Every stage of mining increases the difficulty by 1 TRX. Total amount of stages is 200, which means start on first stage you should place bet of 20 TRX to mine 1 BFG and on 200 stage you should place bet of 219. The chart shows full information regarding the mining procedure.


Link to the Website:

Good Luck



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