In the BAT Cave with Basic Attention Token - Duck Duck Goose?

In the BAT Cave with Basic Attention Token - Duck Duck Goose?

By trevorbalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 24 Dec 2019

Whyyy hello there cave dwellers!

Trevor Balthrop BAT

If you got here through any other browser I send good juju your way and hope one day you try to make the jump to a better solution soon.


We know you can make it corporal!


Not only a better solution but a safer solution for you and your family that also pays you if you want I guess.

Saying that sarcastically in hopes it will stick!

Brave has made sense of internet browsing in a way that will make sense for a very long time.


Brave coupled with DuckDuckGo brings some pretty extraordinary tools to the table that our world could have used sooner.

Now might be the best time to put your faith into a better alternative.

No offense Google!


Browsers we have had to use for years:

Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Apple's Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and whatever default ones we get on our dumb smart phones such as Samsung Internet


Let's face it...

basic attention token trevor balthrop

Computers are scary and browsers are what make them so scary nowadays. It's sad that it has been that way for a long time with many hard battles just to get it where it is at today.  


The browser on our computers is the biggest number one reason why our computers do not properly at times and often get infected with viruses some of us have not even begun to understand the complexities of. 


Brave restores privacy to its users by taking many steps to keep things anonymous and block unnecessary things like trackers and advertisements. The extra spiff that it pays is nice! It can be turned off or even adjusted if you prefer. As for me, I have it cranked all the way up to 4 ads per hour if you are wondering!

Now Brave not only gives you great protection. It freakin' pays you too...

Now in a realistic sense, yes it pays you, but... It isn't anything you quit your part time job over. Over time I can see it adding up to quite a bit that could even be used to trade and double in value. This is because the currency Brave pays you in, is a new token invented specifically for this Browser. A token called BAT or Basic Attention Token!

Reminding people of our beloved Bat animal friends, Basic Attention Token gets it's income from mining anonymous usage statistics. Statistics that also get routinely deleted properly in a safe secure manner.

On top of mining this blockchain data in return for profit, they also mine simple and non-obtrusive advertisements. These can be turned off right from the beginning or adjusted at any time. Adjusting the balance of these ads can cause you to rake in more BAT which can then be cashed out once Brave airdrops it into your account. 


It's new, it's Brave, and it is true! There are tons of reasons to use this new browser and you don't even have to use any of its features. This has been used on my phones, my laptop and computer which have all used it over Chrome now and have a faster better experience. Highly recommended and Trevor Balthrop approved. Also Harold approved who is no longer in pain because of this browser.






Trevor Balthrop


Futurist, Public Figure, and official redheaded step son who sat out in the rain and rusted. Over 17+ years experience online, youngest person employed by Google at the time (2011), and huge blockchain enthusiast. He has been here, there, and everywhere!

Trevor Balthrop
Trevor Balthrop

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