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Futurist, Public Figure, and official redheaded step son who sat out in the rain and rusted. Over 17+ years experience online, youngest person employed by Google at the time (2011), and huge blockchain enthusiast. He has been here, there, and everywhere!

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3 "NEW" Reasons Bitcoin is still about to Explode

1 day ago 4 minute read trevorbalthrop

Just in case you needed a morale boost! Sure there is a lot of different news out there regarding where the price is going whether it be the halving in May, the Simpsons promoting crypto, or Coronavirus fears. All that news is repetitive and debatabl...

US Government Regulates: Top 3 Important Things They Are Doing

1 week ago 4 minute read trevorbalthrop

Long-awaited decisions have finally come to a fierce discussion at the Department of Justice in the US today. Additionally, a document previewing upcoming plans to regulate the Bitcoin industry have been made public.   Although it may suck, these pla...

So long 6k! Hellooo 8k?

1 week ago 3 minute read trevorbalthrop

Well, it looks like Cryptocurrency did really well to start out the year! Definitely bull run status!   Except that with all of this hype behind the market all of a sudden. One thing is for certain...   Too much excitement could lead to a pretty rapi...

Flash Crash Worry? Top 3 Things To Do

1 week ago 2 minute read trevorbalthrop

It sucks but yes, market collapse is inevitable... However! Despite how scary flash crashes might sound or look. They are actually both good and bad for investors. Flash crashes should really only be bad for everyone in the very short-term. These rar...

Fear Mongering with Gambling

3 weeks ago 3 minute read trevorbalthrop

With Gambling you have two options: Option A. Take part Option B. Don't take part The more you take part the more you gamble! The more you take part the more you have the option to go with option B. Everyone has this decision! And of course, I am not...

Forget the Halving, what about these Events?

4 weeks ago 6 minute read trevorbalthrop

F*** the halving!   That s*** is inevitable and all that we hear about right now.   Let us forget about the halving for a second and focus on what else we have to look out for this year!   Here is a list of other Top crypto events to watch out for: B...

HODL like a Rockstar

25 Jan 2020 7 minute read trevorbalthrop

Do you even HODL?   When it comes to holding any kind of money, the idea is to try and hold onto it for as long as possible before you have to use it, right? If you have become lucky enough to realize this and change your mind about how money operate...

Bitcoin Going Mainstream

24 Jan 2020 2 minute read trevorbalthrop

Bitcoin has truly made it to stardom! However, it is only the beginning... Many different signs of Bitcoin's adoption have shown themselves in recent weeks/months.  The most recent was today's talks in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum (WEF)....

U.S. Year 2020: Pushing Digital Currencies

24 Jan 2020 7 minute read trevorbalthrop

The world is here now, and it is officially the year of the rat! China has hopefully turned things around for their people as well as other people too like the US and Japan. The year 2020 in the United States has already been an exciting one for all...

Trevor's Top 15 Tested "Earn Extra Crypto" List

9 Jan 2020 18 minute read trevorbalthrop

Why hello there people! - Author: Trevor Balthrop    New to Crypto or looking for new options? This list was created to help save us time, money, and keep new investors safe. Here are Trevor's Top 10 Ways to Earn More Crypto: 1. Referrals are Kin...