The journey (from the Provençal viatge, in turn deriving from the Latin viatĭcum; the latter was the necessary supply for traveling) is the movement made from one place of departure to another distant (relative to one's means) from the first. The trip can be local, regional, national or international. In some countries, non-local internal travel may require an internal passport, while international travel generally requires a passport and a Visa.


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Caserta is an Italian town of 73 068 inhabitants, the capital of the province of the same name in Campania. It is among the cities decorated with military valor for the war of liberation, awarded the gold medal for civil merit and the bronze medal fo...


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Barcelona, ​​the cosmopolitan capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia, is most famous for its art and architecture. The Sagrada Familia basilica and the other extravagant buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí are the symbol of the city. The Picasso M...

BitBook - Travel & Earn

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BitBook is the travel platform where people can book accommodation and earn tokens in the process:   Providing a passive income to users that create and share travel content. Built with a focus on scalable growth where everyone benefits.   Join us on...

Marina di Grosseto and Principina a Mare - Maremma Tuscany

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Marina di Grosseto is a "frazione" of the "comune" of Grosseto in the Province of Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy.  An important seaside resort of the Maremma Grossetana, it is known for its hilly hinterland rich in Mediterranean scrub and for the wide bea...

Castel Volturno

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Castel Volturno is a "comune" (municipality) in the Province of Caserta in the Italian region Campania, located about northeast of Campania and about northwest of Caserta. its coastline is included in the Gulf of Gaeta.     The historic center stand...

Argentario Cala Grande

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The Torre di Cala Grande is a coastal tower located along the west coast of Monte Argentario, in the homonymous municipal territory, near the homonymous cove.   Not far from Porto Santo Stefano, it is the largest of the beaches of the promontory. E...

Vlorë, Albania (My next trip?)

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   Vlorë or Vlora is a municipality in the southwest of Albania with an estimated population of 130,827 in an area of 647.94 km2 (250.17 sq mi). It is the administrative center of the homonymous municipality seat of the County of Vlorë. Geographicall...


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Pisa is an Italian city in Tuscany known above all for its famous leaning tower. Already off axis at its completion in 1372, the 56 m high white marble cylinder is nothing more than the bell tower of the marble Romanesque cathedral that stands nearby...


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Catania is an ancient port city on the east coast of Sicily. It is located at the foot of Etna, an active volcano with paths that reach its summit. The large central square of the city, Piazza del Duomo, is characterized by the picturesque statue of...


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Salerno is a port city southeast of Naples. On the top of Monte Bonadies, the ancient Arechi Castle offers sea views, as well as hosting a museum of ceramics and medieval coins. The city Cathedral stands on the remains of a Roman temple. Its distinct...