VISIT PORTUGAL _ Church S. Salvador de Lavra / (MATOSINHOS )

By DREWO | travels | 19 Mar 2020



Today I will share with you a little bit of my origins on the Catholic Christian religion with one of the churches of my childhood. Where I did the practice and allowed me to learn everything I know today about religion.

At the moment, perhaps because of the dismay or discomfort of the priest's words, I did not resume my activity from the moment that in Portugal we call 1st communion.
As I passed by there I stopped briefly and took the opportunity to take some pictures to show you.
(An old saying goes that in the Old Time the Sea beat on the Doors so the ancients put oxen back and rotated their structure as this would solve the problem and people could normally go to their mass)
Noting that we are about 2 km from the beach today. The ancients, for the same reason, turned the front of the church towards the Earth, with the few churches still existing today with doors facing the land and not the sea.
Myth or not, what we do know is that he finds the opposite of others.
Also very characteristic and like 2 palm trees that are in the center of the cemetery and that there is wool since I remember being born or we are already many years old.

Probably Someone wise made this decision to protect the interior of the church and whoever uses it, thus controlling the strong winds from the sea and the rain in the same direction, prevalent in this region of northern Portugal.
The church has undergone works in its interior and is dominated by the Baroque style of that century, but its origins go back to the 9th century, when there are references to the existence of a monastery in this place. Next to it, there is a small museum where we can see small pieces of sacred art from its height, which affirms the same





all these pieces are of the ix type that separate an external museum to access all forms for free


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