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My name is Silva I was born in 1996 in Portugal. More precisely in Porto I studied Fashion design until 2016 My favorite hobbie is the livery that nature can give me, and the ability to keep a clean mind and unbroken by the confusion of the week and work

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Get out of the quarantine hassle! Taking pictures in isolated locations :)

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## I hope you are well, without readers I am also nobodyWell, those days have been difficult and cost a lot to get through.Today, when I woke up around 11 am.I got dressed and went to buy bread, as always, on a Saturday of my weekly routine, the...

invest without fear

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One of the main brakes for people to start investing is fear. Feeling fear is perfectly normal, but when it prevents you from leaving your comfort zone, that fear may be postponing your financial independence. UNDERSTANDING FEAR First, you are afra...

Happy Birthday to me!!! (恭喜我)

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well guysToday is a very special day for me, I am 24 years old.If Today I could choose a wish, I would like this problem of ours to happen, yes I am talking about the covid-19 I am tired of being closed at home and being forced to be in contact with...

Morpher Token Airdrop – Earn $60

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Step 1: Register Morpher Airdrop – Register Morpher Token Airdrop at: morpher.com/invite/lopesf – Enter Your email address and click on ‘Claim Tokens’ – Follow instruction to verify identity (KYC) – You will receive 2,000**Morpher Tokens free ~ $60**...

VISIT PORTUGAL _ Church S. Salvador de Lavra / (MATOSINHOS )

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## THE ENIGMATIC CHURCH “WITH THE ADVERSES” Today I will share with you a little bit of my origins on the Catholic Christian religion with one of the churches of my childhood. Where I did the practice and allowed me to learn everything I know today...

VISIT PORTUGAL _ AVER-O-MAR " Esteiro Beach" / (PVZ)

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.The weekend was extremely boring, it always rained and never seemed to stop.TV news always keeps repeating the same question over and over (covi19).Although we should be aware, I think that the media gives us too much alarmism.I started to think abo...

VISIT PORTUGAL _ Serra Monchique (Algarve)

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ENGLISH AND CHINESEWell guys today I'm going to do something very different from the usual.Derived from Coronavirus, I will make a Roadmap through Portugal making brief descriptions without going there unfortunately.Today I'm going to talk a little b...

(Porto) Portugal reaction to coronavirus

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Inglês / chinês na parte inferior da página Boa tarde, seja bem-vindo. Vou deixar um pouco de desabafo como me sinto e como me sinto aqui. Hoje passei o dia em casa em quarentena, conforme exigido pelo estado português. No momento, a maioria de nós t...


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WELCOME After having made a short script on the paths of Santiago, I started to think in a different way.Most of us do not value what we have around us and we will see "beautiful" things away from our home when we do not visit or what we have around....


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## WELCOME Today I left home during the afternoon and ended up going very close to the beach. This time I went to visit a land of fishermen with good people, good food and a bar that I love to call "IODO".The day was sad and sure it was going to rain...