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It is spring, everything is waking up to life after winter, and you could say that I am also waking up after winter sleep. I didn't manage to go on any hikes or trips in the winter. The muscles have become lazy and it's high time to change that. It's cloudy outside, the thermometer shows twelve degrees, and I'm taking a bicycle out of the cellar. I went to work with him several times that year, but this is the first time I'm going on a bike trip.

I went to a place I had not been to in several years. Since then, however, it has undergone major changes, primarily thanks to the civic association that takes care of this monument. I'm talking about the chapel and the Sans Souci Summer Palace near the village of Iliašovce.

But let's do it step by step. This bike tour is not a full day trip. After all, it's my first significant physical activity after winter, so I don't count swimming and I have to be careful with my body. I leave work early to catch the trip and also to return home at a reasonable time to take care of the children.

I walked through the town until I came to a red tourist sign. This is probably where the most difficult part of the journey begins. After just a few meters, a serious climb begins. The climb is not long, but its intensity is great. After a few tens of meters I give up and get off the bike. I'm not happy because I like climbs, but as I mentioned before, it's my first trip this year.

I use the fact that I am not on a bicycle to observe the surroundings more closely. Plants enjoy spring and beautify the surroundings. I choose the camera and the first pictures from the trip are published.

After overcoming the climb, I reach the ridge. I will follow this ridge for most of the trip. It's really windy here, but fortunately there are alternating sections when I'm in the meadow and in the forest.


ad6b2293a5f2b5231295e781b5053f04a70edf4c7ef5eb4f8c1933b891a5862e.jpgAlong the way I have a nice view of the town of Spišská Nová Ves. I get off the bike and take a picture of it. At the same time, I am sending this photo to my colleagues at work. I want to make a little fun of them, since they are still at work and our company can be seen in the photo.

After a few kilometers of cycling, I enter the forest along the ridge. Ahead of me is the final descent before arriving at the site. As you may have noticed from the photos, I am walking along the newly built cycle path. I was also curious about it, as there was a great discussion about the significance of its construction. Before that there was a nice forest road. I think that it was not necessary to build such a concrete path in this place. As much as I like nature, I also like traditional forest paths. Of course, I have nothing against such cycle paths if they are built in places where it makes sense.

I come out of the forest and see a beautiful renovated chapel in front of me. It cannot even be compared with the ruin of the chapel that stood here a few years ago.

The Sans Souci summer house was built in 1773 by Count Štefan Csáky. He had it built in this beautiful, quiet and peaceful place with a nice view of the surroundings. A chapel was part of the summer house. Locals call it the Millennium Chapel, because a Baroque chapel built in 1100 once stood on the site of the current one.

The summer house was richly decorated and a large library was hidden in its bowels. It included several buildings and an obelisk.


b517d3d42b7375b287aa595da8a6327c6cc549e750be85ace09d1e8747f2441f.jpgDue to a financial and marital crisis, Štefan Csáky himself had the building demolished thirty years later. Only the chapel and the obelisk reminded of the once glorious past of this place. However, they also fell into disrepair and became ruins.

This place used to be a place full of fun, dancing and balls. Nowadays, thanks to the civic association Sans Souci, it is a place of rest, relaxation and, of course, entertainment. In addition to history, you will find many fireplaces, benches, swings, and there is even a natural sauna and buffet built under the hill.


52d87fb86e93e7d389fd095a454b7d3b705c46889fd8df20b318999898e83436.jpgThank you

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