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Voting as an EU citizen with a disability

24 May 2024 1 minute read 0 comments Vladan Lausevic

TLDR: Around 400,000 EU citizens with intellectual disabilities or mental health issues under legal guardianship are barred from voting. Despite some progress, many countries still enforce outdated guardianship laws that severely restrict their legal...

Imperial Gala Event in Belgrade

22 May 2024 1 minute read 0 comments Liberland TV

This weekend, Belgrade will host an extraordinary event. Imperial Gala Event in Belgrade This weekend, Belgrade will host an extraordinary event, the Imperial Gala Dinner, featuring esteemed guests H.I.R.H. Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen,...

Some notes about Macron's speech and key-points regarding the EU

14 May 2024 4 minute read 0 comments Vladan Lausevic

TL;DR European sovereignty and strategic autonomy are often misunderstood, leading to unrealistic and harmful policies. Europe, as a set of enduring ideas, cannot "die." Sovereignty, a multifaceted concept, is different from strategic autonomy, which...

Trade prevention regarding cars is bad for freedom and wealth

2 May 2024 2 minute read 0 comments Vladan Lausevic

  The transformation of China's automotive industry over the past decade has been revolutionary. Once known for producing simplistic imitations of Western models, China now manufactures vehicles that stand toe-to-toe with the finest in the world. As...

T-Minus Way Too Few Days and Counting (Bicycle Tour # 6)

26 Apr 2024 5 minute read 1 comment 7th Decade Redhead

Well.... He did it again. For the second time in six years, my husband has convinced me that we should drag our nine-foot-long recumbent tandem bicycle over to Europe for a bicycle tour.  We will be putting ourselves and our Rans Screamer (yes that's...

Interesting notes about England and the British

20 Apr 2024 2 minute read 2 comments Ship Shard

Publication in Russian on the Zen blog 1. England is a very secular country, which makes it similar to the countries of Northern Europe: the Scandinavians and the Netherlands.The absence of religious pressure is felt...

Trip to Sans Souci

15 Apr 2024 3 minute read 0 comments photoparadise

Hi. It is spring, everything is waking up to life after winter, and you could say that I am also waking up after winter sleep. I didn't manage to go on any hikes or trips in the winter. The muscles have become lazy and it's high time to change that....

Invitation to the 9th Anniversary of Liberland - IN LIBERLAND

8 Apr 2024 1 minute read 0 comments Liberland TV

Join us in celebrating the 9th anniversary of the founding of the world's freest country, with a unique opportunity to explore our beautiful settlement!  On April 13th, we're taking a special tour of our locations in Croatia and, most notably, in Li...

Croatian Government Still Harassing Settlers

3 Apr 2024 7 minute read 1 comment Liberland TV

Liberland settlers have been facing some tough challenges lately.  These folks have big dreams and are peaceful, friendly, and law-abiding. They want to create jobs, bring in more services, and invest money in the area. Their goal is to make the ent...

Paying with Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets will be Illegal in the European Union

24 Mar 2024 2 minute read 2 comments Talha.Khalid

The European Parliament approved on March 19, with the majority of main committees in favor, new anti-money laundering laws that restrict anonymous payments. This includes both those with euros (EUR) in cash and digital ones with bitcoin (BTC) and cr...