Binance review: Best for beginners and intermediate traders.

By MadMaxx | Trader's paradise | 14 Jan 2020

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In my last post, I did a review of Bitfinex. Check it out on my blog if you missed it.

But Bitfinex is a site geared mostly towards professionals.

Many traders aren't pro enough to understand margin trading or use most of the tools available on Bitfinex.

Well, Binance has a solution with their 'simplified' exchange.

Simply enabling the 'simplified' toggle at the top of the site gives you a very simple interface to work with.

You can still draw trend lines and channels and use indicators, but if you trade with the news like me, you'd still be able to make trades simply by clicking on the buy and sell buttons.

It's really simple and intuitive.

Binance also has one of the highest trading volumes of any trading platform, so factor that in also.

There are a lot of trading pairs available so that any coin you have can easily be traded against BTC or almost any cryptocurrency of your choice.

And there's a powerful android app that goes along with the platform that enables users to apply indicators and keep track of their trades on the go.

Sign up here if you're interested, and save 90% on fees for your first year trading!(That's 0.0075% fees paid on every trade)

PS: This is a side note, but if you wish to instantly exchange any cryptocurrencies to any other cryptocurrency, you can do that at Changelly for no fee at all. Try it out here.

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Trader's paradise
Trader's paradise

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