Lisk, aelf & Chainlink beat Bitcoin to top Github Activity charts

By Mappo | Top Blockchain News | 8 Jun 2020

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Bitcoin has dropped to 9th place with the top 3 most active projects going to Lisk, aelf, and Chainlink for Github commits over the last 12 months according to Github reporting site CryptoMiso. Each project, with between 4–5K commits this year, has roughly doubled the activity of Bitcoin with aelf and Chainlink’s accounts being created within 4 days of each other in November 2017.

All 3 top projects have seen little to no impact from the Coronavirus with them holding the top 3 positions on Github activity over a 3, 6, 9 and 12 month period. In fact, aelf hit their yearly ATH during the lockdown with 212 commits at the start of March.

Lisk and Chainlink have already launched their product showing strong ongoing support from the tech team. aelf is getting ready to launch with the mainnet roadmap announced earlier this year as excitement for the imminent product release continues to increase.



Established in May 2016, Lisk is an open source project focused on blockchain accessibility. Developers are provided with a software development kit for blockchain applications and the Lisk team are working on an interoperability solution to let everyone seamlessly use applications on our platform.



Established in Aug 2017, ælf is a decentralized self-evolving cloud computing blockchain network that aims to provide a high performance platform for commercial adoption of blockchain. In order to establish a blockchain infrastructure for various commercial requirements, ælf provides a highly efficient multi-chain parallel-processing system with cross-chain communication and self-evolving governance.




The Chainlink network provides reliable tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain. Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network provides the same security guarantees as smart contracts themselves. By allowing multiple Chainlinks to evaluate the same data before it becomes a trigger, we eliminate any one point of failure and maintain the overall value of a smart contract that is highly secure, reliable, and trustworthy.


Although Bitcoin has well over 100 contributors, the number of commits on any given day has not exceeded 80, less than half that of the top projects.

EOS, Tron and others can’t compete

Arguably more surprising is the fact that some of the other major blockchain projects can’t compete in developer activity. EOS is the next major project sitting at 11th position with a noticeable decrease over the last 6 months where their ranking has dropped down to 19th.

Tron has been more consistent where their ranking only dropped from 18th down to 20th when comparing their 12 month and 6 month activity levels.

The second most popular blockchain project around the world, Ethereum sits at an unimpressive 41st considering their upgrade to Eth 2.0 is looming in the near future.

Ripple, the supposed ‘blockchain for banks’ is almost off the charts at 73rd with only 284 commits completed over the last 12 months. In early March it took aelf only 2 days to complete as many commits as Ripple has completed in 1 year.

Ethereum Classic sits at rank 190 with no new commits since the start of September 2019.



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