ChangeNOW + Swapzone Promo Will Take the $DOGE to the MOON?!

ChangeNOW + Swapzone Promo Will Take the $DOGE to the MOON?!

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 9 Jul 2020

Last week TikTok user let the $DOGE out and the dogecoin price has been up 165 % and barking at the $1 moon here and everybody seems to be excited about it includes ChangeNOW.



You can go to changeNOW DOGE page and buy or exchange to get some DOGE coins. ChangeNOW is a very easy to use, limitless, reliable token exchange, and they have over 170 coins available so you can exchange pretty much any tokens without hidden fees. 

ChangeNOW is a great service, but it can be better with Swapzone!

Swapzone is kind of like a price match service for crypto exchange. Swapzone gets exchange rates from many sources and search through all the data to find the best rates for you 👇

exchange rates

If you want to exchange ETH for DOGE, Swapzone will find offers like these and the list shows that CoinSwitch will give you the "BEST RATE". But when you pick an offer, you have to Read The Fine Print!

CoinSwith and Changelly show the better rates than ChangeNOW but those rates don't include the transaction fee so that you don't know how much actually receive at the end. (You can read my epic fail here.)

So I will pick ChangeNOW and you should too because...

Swapzone is having a $DOGE special with ChangeNOW!

Best part is that when you find the rate you like, you can exchange it right inside Swapzone so you don't even have to go to the exchange to do the actual token swap.

Here is how to use ChangeNOW on Swapzone.

Click "EXCHANGE" to get started and then copy/paste your DOGE and ETH wallet addresses in there and "PROCEED THE EXCHANGE" (click to enlarge image)


ETH deposit address will show up so scan the QR code from your wallet and send ETH to this address and make sure you are using the right exchange(ChangeNOW) before you move on.


Once you sent ETH to this address, status will change and tell you what is going on.

exchange status

This process took me about 5-6 minutes and while you are waiting for this exchange to be done, make sure to grab the Order ID and save it somewhere.

Because order ID won't show up when token swap is done 👇

swap finished

Initial offer was 5007.4986 DOGE but the actual amount received was 5023.8177 DOGE delivered to my wallet 🎉

wallet amount

If you like the exchange, don't forget to give ChangeNOW lots of stars!

I think the order ID should be displayed here but as you can see, there is no order ID here.

But if you forgot to grab the ID, don't freak out. Just copy the URL, that is actually the order ID.

AND you need this order ID to win 2000 DOGE.

Win 2000 $DOGE Swapzone ChangeNOW collab

order ID

ChangeNOW + Swapzone will swap them right. Here

One more thing...

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