Batman NFT Sells for $111,000

Batman NFT Sells for $111,000

By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 18 Oct 2020

An online auction at Makersplace has seen a non-fungible token (NFT) of Gotham's dark knight being snapped up for 302.5 ETH - worth around $111,000 at current prices - and was seen in some quarters as a seminal moment for a transition from a "...broken creative industry into the decentralised world."

The animated masterpiece, running for over a minute, showcases the talent of the artist by taking a blank canvas and layering an initial sketch with applied tone and colour.


Produced as part of a collaboration by illustrating legend José Delbo and Trevor Jones, the collection as a whole scooped an impressive 540 ETH in total which brought a smile the faces of the artists I'm sure.

As previously covered in an earlier article, Argentinian José Delbo is acclaimed worldwide and has produced work for DC and Marvel comics. With over 50 years of creating behind him, Delbo has contributed to other illustrated classics such as Wonder Woman, The Transformers, Billy The Kid, and The Beatles' Yellow Submarine.

Some of you may also remember we also discussed the work of fellow artist Trevor Jones centred around his recent sale of Satoshi in cubist style and highlighted his intention to meld the two elements of art and technology into one.

Priced Out But Love Batman?

Now, I'm guessing for most of us here, $111k for an NFT is a little out of our reach.

But if you have an affection for Batman and would like to hold him close in your ERC-compatible wallet, there are cheaper alternatives on offer.

Just keep in mind that the work of Delbo and Jones sell for a premium for a reason and the lesser-know creators are unlikely to ever command similar high prices for their work.

That being said, if you're hunting for an NFT as a personal connection rather than a financial investment, here are a couple of alternatives currently up for sale on NFT marketplace Rarible.

Batman Pain

Batman Pain Priced at 10ETH ($3711.42)

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin Priced at 1ETH ($371.14)

Another option is to snag one of the tokens that are produced in a set number rather than as a one-off original. Although at these low prices remember to check the gas price to see if the transaction is viable for you before hitting the buy button.


NFT Rising (Max 100) Priced at 0.001ETH ($0.38)

Deep Batman

Deep Batman (Max 100) Priced at 0.015ETH ($5.57)



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