5 Best Way to Earn Bitcoin

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If you are in search of secure and most reliable methods of earn bitcoin (BTC) free with a deep overview, then you are in the right place.

There is a common question revolving all the time among the fans of bitcoin and cryptocurrency that, how to earn bitcoin? Many websites that recommend you a lot of methods but here, you can find ways of earning in bitcoin (BTC) without any risk of scamming and will learn about their possible defects.


  • Airdrops
    Airdrops programs are part of the ICO campaign of a blockchain project. You can earn cryptocurrency by cooperating and spreading the voice of projects on social media sites and platforms.
  • Steemit
    Steemit can be helpful in building your career as an article or blog writer. You can earn on this platform by writing blog posts.
  • Bounty Programs
    You can earn a lot with the assistance of bounty programs. In a simple context, bounty means giving rewards for completing some tasks. Cryptocurrency projects can give you bounty in digital assets for doing some tasks for them such as posting on Facebook, Twitter or other platforms.
  • Faucet User
    The Faucet can give you an opportunity to earn BTC in small amounts or fractions by simply offering minor tasks such as logo quizzes, completing surveys and doing captcha.
  • Faucet Owner
    Besides working as Faucet user, you can also make $1,000 a month by creating your Faucet but it requires some initial investment.

1 : Earn bitcoin from Airdrops

Airdrop is a phenomenon to promote  a project by giving away free coins or tokens before the launch of ICO to increase awareness.

When a project launches in the market,  it has some aim or goal, the first question arises, that how it will reach the sphere of investors and traders. To solve this problem, airdrops came into the crypto world to make people familiar with the project before its launching.


  • No initial investment
  • A lot of opportunities


  • Long-term wait
  • Tokens may become worthless
  • A lot of scam projects


The project gives free tokens to the community for sharing their vision and project on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit or joining their Telegram channel. You have to write a blog or post about the cryptocurrency to get some free tokens.

You can earn a lot through airdrops. For example, you get some tokens by Airdrop and store in your wallet, when the price of tokens increases in the crypto market, the price of tokens stored in your wallet will also increase.

You can find the latest Airdrops in the ‘AIRDROPS’ section of Tokenhell.

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You can join any airdrop by doing some minor tasks for them.

There are some other websites, where you can find the latest airdrops, how much they are giving tokens in rewards, and about their vision.


Here, you can find the latest list of Airdrops launching in the market. Although it is one of the top website in airdrop niche but in my experience, they do list many scam projects since they charge a fee for listing airdrops so any project with some money can list its self on airdrops.io


One of the first website for airdrop alerts. its quality was very good in the past but when they start listing paid airdrops their quality is going down day by day.

The drawback in earning cryptocurrency through this method is that; it will take a lot of time to have the worth of tokens stored in your wallet. Second, your reward tokens may become worthless in case of failure of the project.

2 : Earn bitcoin with Steemit

Steemit, a social media site,  give you a lot of money in the form of cryptocurrency. It is based on blockchain technology.  On this website, you can earn rewards by blogging and curating. It is a platform where writers and bloggers share their creative content and get a bonus in return.


  • Secure and reliable
  • Earn while blogging



  • Need time to build followers
  • Low earning at beginning


Steemit is an application of Steem that came into existence in 2016 and now is one of the top-rated cryptocurrency by market cap. The readers give up-votes to your blogs, which is a source of rewards. This means you have to do a lot of work and spend your time to build the audience and followers.

The primary step to enter Steemit is to create an account by clicking on the ‘sign up’ on the first page of the website.

There will be two options for registering your account on Steemit.

  • Sign up for free (It will take some time)
  • Sign up by Paying (Instant Access to Steemit)

If you don’t want to make an account by payment, then you have to wait 1-2 weeks.

The main problem with this platform about earning money online is that, the half amount of your earning will add up to Steem-power that will go to the people who give up-votes to your articles and blog posts; the other half amount will be given to you in the form of Steem dollars, a cryptocurrency, that will convert into bitcoins on any exchange.

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3 : Earn bitcoin from Bounty Programs

The simple and straight meaning of bounty is to give a reward in exchange for doing some tasks. The bounties programs now become an integral part of an ICO campaign. These tasks include blogging, sharing a post on Twitter and Facebook and participating in the BitcoinTalk signature campaign. In return, you will receive tokens of that cryptocurrency.

The main purpose of bounty programs is to raise awareness among the traders and investors of cryptocurrency, and building a powerful community.


  • Step by step guide available for earning
  • May book a good profit


  • Require a lot of hard work
  • Tokens may become worthless in case of project failure
  • Many scams


There are two types of bounty programs :  one is pre-ICO bounty program and the other one is the post-ICO bounty program.

  • In the pre-ICO bounty program, the foremost task is to spread voice in the sphere of cryptocurrency through social media sites.
  • The post-ICO bounty program includes; translation of whitepaper and project to other languages to increase more audience and to improve their official site.

The question arises where you can find the best bounty programs to earn bitcoin (BTC).

On BitcoinTalk, you can discover best bounty programs to earn a handsome amount of cryptocurrency which converted into bitcoins.

There is a list of bounties on the dashboard of the forum where you can select one of your choices. For example, one of the above lists is selected to guide you.

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There are different proportions of rewards for respective different tasks. You can see this calendar of percentages for respective tasks.

You can post about ICO on your Facebook platform.

There is a big community of people interested in ICOs on Twitter: you can post it there if you have an account with a handsome number of followers.

If you are good at writing articles and blog posts; you can write a detailed blog post about the project and share it on your website, blogger or any other recommended platform.

The problem with bounty programs is same as with airdrops many projects exit with scams while many don’t pay so when ever you think to participate in a bounty program first do detailed analysis of the project.

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4 : Earn Bitcoin as a Faucet User

Faucet is a micro-earning process that gives you rewards for watching advertisements, completing the minor tasks and filling captchas.

Bitcoin faucet is a way of obtaining bitcoins in very small fractions. If you are new to crypto-world and want to get some digital assets, then it is the best method for you to earn.


  • No initial investment
  • Low risk


  • Earning in small amounts
  • Consume more time


If you are in search of most efficient bitcoin faucets, you will have to make an account on the FaucetHub.

It offers you a micro-wallet to store your small amounts of digital assets. It is designed for app owners, website owners, faucet users, and faucet owners.

To start earning with Faucet Hub, the first step is to sign-up for the website.

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You will find a lot of faucets of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Choose the ‘Bitcoin’ from the list to show its running faucets.

There are following some websites where you can earn by completing minor tasks and playing games.

The main drawback of this is that it gives you BTC in a very small fraction, on the other hand, you waste a lot of energy, your precious time and also electricity used by your computer to accomplish these minor tasks.

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5 : Earn bitcoin as a Faucet Owner

Another way to earn from the faucet is to create your faucet. You need a website to facilitate BTC faucet on this; whether, you develop it by yourself or purchase it from another source.

You can start this as your career by earning almost $1,000 a month. But this is tiresome work and demands your precious time.

You can attach your faucet with Faucet Hub to reach more people,  as a result, draw more traffic to your faucet. You will receive revenue when a user watches some ads monetized by Adsense or complete some minor tasks such as taking surveys or do some captchas.

To connect your faucet with Faucet Hub, you have to click on the ‘Activate Manager’ and then proceed next by fulfilling terms and conditions.

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The faucet can give you a handsome amount of BTC worth of $1,000 per month.

To start this, you have to invest by purchasing the domain and proper hosting. After creation, you would add ads by monetizing them with AdSense of Google. The owner of the faucet will get the revenue; when users of faucet watched the ads and complete the minor tasks.

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Tokehell is a Google News Approved Blockchain & Crypto News Agency Where You Can Discover News About Cryptocoins, Technical analysis, Blockchain Events, Coin Prices Marketcap And Detailed Reviews on ICOs, IEOs. STOs.

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