11 Best Bitcoin News Sites 2020 Find Latest BTC News Today

11 Best Bitcoin News Sites 2020 Find Latest BTC News Today

By Tokenhell.com | Tokenhell | 29 Jan 2020

Everyone knows the importance of Bitcoin in the crypto world. It took no time to become the world’s leading digital asset. We have a wide range of best bitcoin news sites in the crypto industry that are working efficiently to provide the users with the latest news related to the bitcoin network.


Here, you will find the best and top news sites about bitcoin that offer accurate, reliable, and most recent information and news about bitcoin.

Below is given the list of best bitcoin news sites:

  • CoinTelegraph
  • Bitcoinist
  • CoinDesk
  • Bitcoin.com news
  • TokenHell   
  • NewsBTC
  • CryptoPotato
  • BTCmanager
  • Reddit/r/bitcoin
  • The Daily Hodl

1. CoinTelegraph


CoinTelegraph is also the leading and independent news site and digital media resource that was created in 2013. It covers bitcoin news, Ethereum news, altcoin news, and a wide range of news on blockchain technology.

This independent digital media resource delivers the most accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased news related to bitcoin, Ethereum, and bitcoin mining. Apart from this, it also presents comprehensive crypto price charts and in-depth analysis.

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2. Bitcoinist


Bitcoinist is another one of the most trusted and popular bitcoin news sites that offer quality news. After being founded in 2013, this news site has become the ultimate source for providing bitcoin and blockchain industry news and reviews.

With the help of its experienced writers and editors, it covers the entire crypto industry such as business news, technical price analysis, community events, etc.

3. CoinDesk


One of the top and best bitcoin news sites is CoinDesk. Founded in May 2013, CoinDesk is known as the leader in blockchain news.

CoinDesk provides the crypto community with the latest news of bitcoin as well as updates on the development of blockchain technology. The primary purpose of this media platform is to inform, educate, and connect the global community with the help of news, events, and education.

Its original reference rate known as the Bitcoin price index is widely sourced in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNBC, and many others.

4. Bitcoin.com news


Being the biggest media outlet in the crypto industry, this news site is dedicated to Bitcoin. It intends to deliver news related to the bitcoin network. The news presented on this news outlet are written in an objective and easy way.

Here, users can also get tutorials and guide articles such as how to use bitcoin in order to understand the crypto industry completely.

5. TokenHell


Tokenhell is the bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto news agency that has emerged very quickly and has secured its name among the Feedspot’s Top Bitcoin Blogs List.

We news site provides the most recent news about Bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain technology. The main purpose of TokenHell is to keep updated the readers about the crypto world.

On this media platform, users can discover more about the blockchain technology and crypto industry by reading the news about crypto assets, technical analysis, blockchain events, and reviews of ICOs, IEOs, and STOs.

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6. NewsBTC


NewsBTC is a famous bitcoin news site that was launched in October 2013. As a news service, it covers bitcoin news, news related to bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin mining, technical analysis, and forecasts for bitcoin.

This premier news and resource platform work efficiently to bring quality news content and reviews. NewsBTC not only offers bitcoin news but also provides information and news related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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7. CryptoPotato


CryptoPotato is known as the world’s leading source for providing news, analysis, and information about bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to the crypto investors. This news site was developed for the crypto community at the beginning of the year 2016.

Keeping in view the crypto investors’ point of view, CryptoPotato focuses on high-quality content. The company describes its goal in these words: “We believe in Bitcoin, we believe in crypto, we believe in blockchain technology.”

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8. Bitcoin Magazine


Being the most established and the oldest source of news and information, Bitcoin Magazine is exclusively devoted to Bitcoin. It was created by Mihai Alisie and Vitalik Buterin in 2012 and latterly was acquired by BTC media in 2014.

Bitcoin Magazine tries to share accurate and relevant news and information about Bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency. It also provides analysis, research, education, and thought leadership at the intersection of finance and technology.

9. BTCmanager


Another big name in the top bitcoin news sites is BTCmanager. This bitcoin, blockchain and crypto news site was founded in 2016 and provides high-quality news about bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, altcoins, and ICOs.

On this platform, you can get detailed information related to the crypto world. With its team of well-experienced and international writers, it succeeds to provide reliable and bias-free information and news.

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10. Reddit/r/Bitcoin


Reddit is a community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the internet. It was founded in 2005 by co-founder/CEO Steve Huffman and co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

r/bitcoin was developed to nurture and support free/open bitcoin discussions, BTC news, and exclusive AMA interviews from the world’s top bitcoin industry leaders and experts.

11. The Daily Hodl


The Daily Hodl is a bitcoin and crypto news website that is based in Los Angeles, California and was founded by Blake Buford and Laurene Williams.

It covers a wide range of news related to bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, blockchain technology and shares information about the crypto industry. In order to maintain its high standard among the top crypto news sites, it provides accurate, relevant, well-written, comprehensive, and unbiased information and news.



In order to remain updated and alert with the field of bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency, we must keep in touch with the bitcoin and crypto sites so that we could not miss out any valuable information. I have provided you the best bitcoin news sites of 2020. You can visit these sites.

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Tokehell is a Google News Approved Blockchain & Crypto News Agency Where You Can Discover News About Cryptocoins, Technical analysis, Blockchain Events, Coin Prices Marketcap And Detailed Reviews on ICOs, IEOs. STOs.

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