Hidden Gem For Dummies

How To Find Hidden Gem: Guide For Dummies

By StarkMatan | Toddler Hodler | 10 Apr 2021

Everything goes in circles. Well, maybe not everything, but time and crypto sure do. And as we witnessed two days before, with a huge high, comes a big dip. But, as all the smart people on the internet seem to suggest, a dip is just an opportunity to buy for lower price. And here you are, ready to invest in a cool new project, that hopefully has high potential, but how to find one?This article will show you,what to look for, when searching for new project:6b847a614a9201389cbe129e1d70b9ee8ccaa460331dfc4c782602e308c61745.jpg

> Use Cases

First thing you need to check, is what this project is developed for. It doesn't have to be something groundbreaking, but it has to have use cases. If the token is intended only as investment tool which can be spent, sold or kept it probably is not your pick. Here is a short list of possible use cases a new project might have, to get you started:

Use Cases

If new project is developed to solve an existing problem - good, if it doesn't have analogues - even better, if it has a lot of possible use cases - you get the idea.

> Major Announcements And Updates

When something big happens with the project, any major update, partnership anounced or future listing on any major exchange - the price goes up. BUT, keep in mind, that when the listing happen, you need to follow the rule "Buy when you hear the news, sell right before it happens", as a lot of hodler will sell with the initial rise from listing.

To check all the future events planed, I recommend you CoinMarketCal. In it you can easily select the project you want to check and see if there are any major announcements in near future, here is an example with ETH:

ETH CryptoCalendar

> Team

The Team behind the project is one of the most important and vital things to look at, when you doing your research. The team has to have a solid background and has to have a strong media pressence, as to know how and when to get exposure to the project.

Check their twitters, telegrams, linkedins - everything there is to check.

Typical crypto developer:



While MarketCap is not the only defining aspect of the price, as demand/proposition plays a more significant role, it's still a good indicator of it. Recently I found a good article about MarketCap here, on Publish0x, you can check it too. Long story short, you want to find a project with a small marketcap.


Final Words

This articles is for people who want to invest in brand new project, but have to idea how. Just like me, two month ago. Hope this will we usefull for someone. And, as always, thanks for the read and have a nice day!

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