Green Bitcoin

First "Green" Bitcoin Will Be Obtained Soon

By StarkMatan | Toddler Hodler | 4 Apr 2021

Argo and DMG, bitcoin mining companies, have created a new pool. It is reported that mining of bitcoin in this pool will be based on clean energy, thanks to which the first ever "green" bitcoin will be obtained.
According to researchers at the University of Cambridge, the entire bitcoin mining network consumes more energy per year than Sweden. And that's a big problem.

Bitcoin Energy Consumption

Currently, the figure is at 120.15 TWh per year and continues to grow. All this provokes considerable criticism of cryptocurrency from both environmentalists and public figures. According to Argo and DMG, the situation can be significantly improved by switching to clean energy. This is what TerraPool will do, the capacity of which will rely on the energy generated by the hydroelectric power plant.

It is known that TerraPool will be based on the hashrate of both Argo and DMG, and the main goal is to be able to extract cryptocurrency using renewable energy sources to minimize the impact on the environment. Thus, the companies plan to mine "green" bitcoins.

Green Bitcoin

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