Coinbase to compensates ETH users for an old airdrop.

Coinbase to compensates ETH users for an old airdrop.

Coinbase has for a long time being a crypto trading platform and wallet for only a few cryptoassets.

But now Coinbase has expanded on its product offering, which is now  especially benefitting some long-term ethereum (ETH) holders on the platform.

In a tweet shared by Jordan Spende, CMO at MyCrypto, Coinbase is now distributing OmiseGO (OMG) tokens to everyone who held ETH on the platform as of July 7, 2017 when OmiseGO’s original airdop was offered . 

Coinbase begun supporting OmiseGO in May 2020, which is the reason why they have now decided to distribute the original tokens received by the exchange during the airdrop in 2017.

According to the tweet, “no action is needed” on the part of the user for receiving the tokens. However, it is still unclear how many users can expect to receive OMG tokens from Coinbase, and whether or not the distribution has already been completed. 

You can still also claim around 10$ each of the following tokens by watching a few short videos:





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