There's evil afoot!

Something very strange is going on with my connection speed on the PC where I do most of my work, which is to say that it is very slow despite my laptop (which I am using now) and my other PC being within five feet of it and having no problems at all with Wi-Fi.  I'm thinking that I may have messed with one too many a nefarious website during the course of my investigations and am possibly the ongoing victim of some sort of malware.  Looks like I need to step up my security a bit.

If I disappear for a day or two, it is because I am backing up my important files, performing factory resets, upgrading security measures and possibly moving as much of my operation as possible over to Linux.  I will also be relocating as much of my crypto assets as I can to my cold wallet.  Fortunately, I don't use any wallet apps on PC, but one can never be too safe.

There is a moral to this story: never, under any circumstances, assume that you are safe or beyond notice.  I'll see you guys as soon as I'm done with this little security project of mine.

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Disabled veteran, father of 7 and crypto investor with a natural talent for research and a God-given gift with numbers.

tipplenurkey's thoughts
tipplenurkey's thoughts

My real name is Jordan. I'm a disabled combat veteran of the US Army, husband and stay-at-home father of seven. This will be the generic blog for all things not related to my website or potential earning opportunities.

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