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tipplenurkey's thoughts

tipplenurkey's thoughts

My real name is Jordan. I'm a disabled combat veteran of the US Army, husband and stay-at-home father of seven. This will be the generic blog for all things not related to my website or potential earning opportunities.

A Beginner's Introduction to Cryptocurrency Part 1: What is it, exactly?

9 Feb 2021 9 minute read 0 comments tipplenurkey

   I live in a part of the United States where people are old-fashioned, stubborn and adamantly opposed to change in their lifestyles and the world around them.  It should come as no surprise, then, that I am met with strong resistance and suspicion...

Confessions of an Evil Prick Pt. 1

2 Feb 2021 7 minute read 0 comments tipplenurkey

I don't like feelings. I have them, I just don't like them. Emotions, to me, are far more often liabilities than assets. Feelings are too dependent, too erratic, too unpredictable to serve a practical purpose in nearly any life situation. The fact is...

Dance for the Goddess

2 Feb 2021 1 minute read 0 comments tipplenurkey

The fire dies, the canvas blackis dusted by white embers.Songs that men will never singvoiced by celestial members. Mother's whispers drifting througharms stretched forth unto the sky.Promises are made anew.Spirits lifted, ne'er to die. Lovers cry in...

Exit Strategy

2 Feb 2021 1 minute read 0 comments tipplenurkey

Calamitous lust rusts trust, it just mustdie! Why? I deny lies til I bust!The rage, caged, ages in stages to dustWhat's you, true, virtue cut through in disgust! Just listen now and I'll show you how I'm the monster here.My fangs are bared but you're...

Landlord-Tenant Wars Episode 1: The Stepfather Crisis

14 Sep 2020 5 minute read 4 comments tipplenurkey

   Never, ever rent an apartment from a family member.  Just short of a year ago, I made this terrible mistake and it has caused me nothing but grief ever since.    My stepfather bought a large building made up of three apartments, a flea market and...

Should Hate Speech Be Considered Free Speech?

6 Sep 2020 9 minute read 4 comments tipplenurkey

I want to take some time today to dismantle a commonly perpetuated myth: hate speech should not be free speech. Yes it should be. Is it uplifting speech? No. Is it good speech? Yes. Is it important speech? Definitely. You see, all speech is important...

The Value of Life and Property

29 Aug 2020 5 minute read 3 comments tipplenurkey

The value of property may be represented in dollars, but that is not necessarily the only or most important value that the owner attributes to it. There are things other than money which must be paid in order to gain ownership of something. What of t...

My Proposed Solution to the COVID-19 Pandemic

27 Aug 2020 4 minute read 4 comments tipplenurkey

   Let me start by saying it's either a damned shame or a very good thing I'm not in charge of this country because all of the madness going on in America right now would find itself being handled very, very differently than it is.  I cannot be the...

Statera, Golden Goose or Scamtastic HYIP Garbage?

9 Aug 2020 3 minute read 4 comments tipplenurkey

   I think my title might possibly give away my bias, just a bit.  I have some experience with HYIPs, most of it very negative, and I know one when I see it.  I made it through the first paragraph of their whitepaper and nearly collapsed under the we...

How Can You Make the Most Out of Publish0x? Ready for Lesson Two?

9 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment tipplenurkey

   In lesson one, we went over creating engaging titles as the first step in getting the best tip rate.  Here's the thing, though: your high quality titles will only get readers onto the page.  The tip button, however, is all the way at the bottom. ...