My Hive Story... What's Yours?

I saw this post from Hephaistos on Publish0x today and thought that it would be good to know each other and each other's HIVE story.

Thus, I wanted to join.

1. How long have you been on the Blockchain?

I have joined HIVE when I have bought my spellbook from Splinterlands around June 2021.

2. What was your background in cryptocurrency when you first came to the Blockchain?

I have been sporting some crypto on a few exchanges already. I have also started using liquidity providers on BSC, when I have found out about the play-2-earn games and I started looking for one or two to invest, which lead me to Splinterlands and HIVE.

3. What was your background in writing when you first came to the Blockchain?

I had a few attempts to start blogging but it never stick long enough to be anything more. I have to admit that I always like to write but I never was good at it, not even to mention that English is not my first language.

4. How many people did you know when you first came to the Blockchain?

I did not know anybody how uses crypto. Now, I do participate in a few Discords, so now I am making more friends.

5. How did you meet people when you first came to the Blockchain?

Discord mainly, I have joined a few channels, some more active than others. I tend to talk to my non-crypto friends about crypto and the possibilities to invest in it. I even encourage one friend to start sporting some crypto.

6. Who did you look up to when you first came to the Blockchain?

Nobody, as I started my trip into crypto alone.

7. How would you describe your first three months on the Blockchain?

It was slow. Quite often I was afraid of losing my investment. I have started with the most obvious likely Etherium, and then slowly started looking for new chains and trying to diversify my investments. To be honest, there are moments when I am not sure if my current investment will work or not.

8. Has being a part of the Blockchain changed you in any way for the good?

Not sure if it changed me for good, I might spend more time with it than I should be honest. I have to say that using [Actifit]( I am trying to keep my 10k steps every day so I can get a full payout :)

9. What is your favourite memory from your time on the Blockchain?

I like the moments of discovery how many opportunities HIVE presents for the users. I was not aware of the number of tokens and sites

10. If you could advise a new person signing up to Hive, what would it be?

I will say, take it slow and do not be afraid, but always check for possibilities. HIVE publishing is very powerful, there are quite a few sites like which provide its tokens which can boost the earning quite nicely.

That's all folks.

So, what is your HIVE story, please share it with Us.

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