dCrops - honest game and earning possibility review

So I do continue my series of posts reviewing the blockchain games, their gameplay and earning mechanism. Additionally, I just have finished my first season in another Hive based game called dCrops.

What it is? 

dCrops is the NFT based farming simulator. Its gameplay is based on 4 seasons, where everyone takes 14 days.

The main aim of the game is to plant seeds, wait until they could be harvested and sell them for shares. The shares are a scoring used to place you on the leaderboard which determining your price at the end of the season.  One more aspect of cards is to provide the file on which you can plant the seeds. 

All cards have rarity levels. In the case of lands, it will allow you to plan more seeds at the same time and for seeds, it gives you more shares and some special abilities, which tends to provide you more products to sell at the end of the season.


There are a few characteristics to every seed, which tells you how long you will have to wait before harvesting and how many shares will you gain after selling it. You should be able to combine rare seeds with rare fields to gain more productivity.  


The last part is to be able to sell your products and then wait :)  Please remember that after harvest seeds are in cooldown for around 10 days which means you will not be able to plant most of them this season.



The game is running on Hive the same as the Splinterlands, which makes it easy to play as there are no gas fees. 

The only way to earn dollars in dCrops is the earn a very high level in the leaderboard and then earn CROP token at the end of the season. Unfortunately, as this is a game of time and luck and you have to invest 2000 CROP to buy the first card packs the return on investment might not come quick or at all.  However, there is a limit of the card packs it might raise the price of CROP to a high enough level that the event mid leaderboard position will return something substantial. 


It is a nice farming game as such there is no action but a lot of waits.  The game does not take a lot of time as after you plant seeds there is nothing to do until harvest time.  I am not sure how good a money maker it will be. I have bought a few card packs and I ended up in the 250th position on the leader board with 300 CROP of the reward.  However, because seeds are reusable and there are only 9k packs left the game might earn some money in the long term. 

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The Crypto, the Games and the Money
The Crypto, the Games and the Money

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