Education system has put graduates in the mud

By Ticktalker | ticktalker'sblog | 20 Nov 2023

"Education is that key" that was the irony we were made to believe while growing up. But the tides have since changed, now the educated people are the ones doing hard labour to get meagre pay from the ones who are informed.


The world has been revolving, tables have been turning, what goes around does come around anymore, information is the new power, information controls the world now especially when it is backed with knowledge.


Knowledge is the common thing we all have, a poor man can write a book on how to make a million dollar from affiliate marketing but he will still be poor because he has the knowledge but he doesn't have the power to put his knowledge into work.


The current education system has made people to become reliant on white collar jobs. And these jobs can never be enough for the population.


Each session, the tertiary institutions chun out a huge load of graduates into the society, and there are no jobs for the people. 


The world as we know it is growing more and more lazy, tools are being developed every to ease human living and foster our laziness and improve productivity.


Many people are roaming the internet with the guise that they are building startups. Startups that have no clear use cases, no utility.


These present education system has put graduates in the mud and schools keep pumping them out every year, even parents don't set out a clear plan for their kids anymore, they just want them to go the school become graduates and believe an imaginary job is out there somewhere waiting for them.

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