The Key Differences Between Steemit and Publish0x For Authors

By positivitee | Thoughts and Prayers | 17 Apr 2020

Difference between publish0x and steemit

Publish0x and Steemit are two popular blogging platforms in the crypto space but that's about where the similarities end. For any blogger looking to start on either of the platforms, the way posts are rewarded couldn't be more different. While the headline numbers on the trending page may be tempting, how they make that money may not be obvious to those not already on the platform. Here are the key differences that authors should consider when deciding which platform to join: 

Earnings Window

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As of the current Steemit hard fork, posts will earn rewards for roughly seven days from when it was published. Any upvotes after the seven day voting period will not result in any earnings for the author or the curator. There is no passive income. Authors have to keep churning out the posts in order to earn rewards. 


With Publish0x on the other hand, posts will continue to earn rewards as long as a reader upvotes it. This encourages writing evergreen content and means passive income is a real possibility.  You're not dependent on followers and them upvoting your post within seven days. 

Value of an Individual Upvote

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The other key difference between Steemit and Publish0x for authors is determining how posts are rewarded. Let's be honest, for most of us, the rewards are a big motivating factor for why we write. If you don't factor in this difference, you could be in for a massive disappointment.

If you're familiar with Steemit, i'm sure you've seen some of the massive rewards that those on the 'Trending' page receive. Are those numbers real? Yes, they are. That being said, it all depends on how much Steem the readers who voted your post have staked. Ultimately, you're going to be earning next to nothing on Steemit even if you have thousands of upvotes if all your readers don't have much staked. 

One whale vote equals thousands of minnow votes and you often see shit posts earning big bucks because they have the patronage of a whale and have their upvote on auto-pilot. There have been attempts to clean up the place and incentivize quality. With the seven day voting window, however, taking a chance that your post will be 'curated' is a big gamble.


Publish0x on the other hand tries to level the playing field by controlling the number of upvotes one can give out in a day. Everyone's upvote value is roughly similar and there's no big disparity like there is on Steemit. The incentive system is not without its own problems but given that posts will continue to earn rewards for a long time and that they're search-engine friendly, authors can be confident that writing good quality articles that readers want to read about will be rewarded in the long run.


Monetizing a post on Steemit and Publish0x couldn't be more different. In a way, you could say that Steemit imitates real life where 'who you know matters more than what you know'. Networking will make a big difference to how much you earn on a post. There is also little point to write evergreen content.

Publish0x takes the long tail and since there's no seven day restriction on how long posts accrue rewards, evergreen content is likely to flourish better here. On the flipside, you may not see those outsized rewards like you do on Steemit and that is perhaps for the best.

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