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What you might not know about the tip on Publish0x, a feature that even could earn you some money

I will assume that you have been a member here for a bit of time, so you have either tipped for a few days or written a few posts. This is because you then have earned a few tokens. 

Getting the tokens

You probably know the general gist of how to earn tokens here on Publish0x. You can either tip an author who makes content. Or you can on the other hand earn tips on content you create. And of course a combination of both. 

You are restricted on a daily base on how many posts you can tip. You are only allowed to tip a total of 6 posts per day. And as an author, you are limited to having two articles posted within 24 hours. This means as soon as one of your articles is 24 hours old you can publish a new one. If you chose to publish more than one a day that is. You can also increase your daily limit by simply contacting the support team here on Publish0x. In case you do not know, they are very awesome and helpful.

Edit: Thanks to the information provided by Smoky McPotts, thank you again, the first post you tip is worth a massive 4x what the other 5 tips you can do are worth each. So try and always tip at least once. Again a massive thanks to Smoky McPotts.

And the limit for how much an article can earn, well there is is no theoretical limit. But very few articles earn more than $1 in a day. SO I would use that as a good benchmark. The closer to $1 your posts earn in a day the better it is doing. Of course, this does not really apply to more senior authors here, as most of their posts seem to pass $1 or even $2 on a regular basis.


The amount of tip each user has to distribute each day is predetermined. So this is why you might see some fluctuations in the number of tokens you give or get while tipping. And there is no carryover or anything crazy like that. So you either use them or lose them.

You have your tokens, now what?

For you observant people you might have noticed that whenever you make or get a tip. It can be in either one or two tokens. The first one is AMPL or Ampleforth. The second one is STA or Statera. If you then look at your dashboard here on Publish0x you can see the amount of each you have earned. While it appears to be at least somewhat of a random thing. Wich one you will tip or earn while getting a tip. You will probably have close to 50/50 of the tokens when you look at their actual $ value.

And herein lies the part you might not know. Or have missed. The two tokens are very different when you look at them both in price and in function. The main difference, that is relevant here, is that AMPL is an elastic coin. Meaning it will renounce and try to get back to a value around $1 per token. It achieves this elasticity by changing the number of tokens you have. This is done once each day. When we look at STA, is more of a traditional cryptocurrency in that its value will fluctuate on a longer than a day to day basis.

The part you might not know about

While you are on your Dashboard looking at your tokens and their worth. You might have spotted the Disclaimer underneath. In case you have missed it here it is:


In short, do not use the $ value as it might fluctuate. Instead, look at the number of tokens you have earned. And this is what you actually should do. But it is not because the value displayed fluctuates. The value is actually somewhat fixed. At least I have not noticed any large fluctuations in it at all. And therein lies the problem.

The problem is that we are now in a Bear Market. And most if not all coins have plummeted in value. So when we compare the token's actual worth to the worth seen they vary widely. Let us use my numbers as an example. I have in my possession the following: 12.8555 AMPL ($13.33) and 578.7060 STA ($14.56). 

And if we now look up their value on Coingecko:

We then get this worth: AMPL $11,74 and STA $7,69. And while AMPL will fluctuate at around $1 variations in those coins do not really matter that much. But more on AMPL later on. Now let us look at STA. Here we can see a huge difference in the value displayed and the actual value of the coins. The difference is close to 50%, and that is 50% in a bad way, a lower value. 

While I do not think anyone here is planning to pay their mortgages using their earnings here on Pubish0x. At least I hope not. It is still something that is good to be aware of. As the important part of the disclaimer, you should focus on the number of tokens you have earned is correct. The other part is not. That the values displayed fluctuate. So please be aware of this discrepancy in the value of what is displayed and the token's actual worth.

And why AMPL really is of no importance, at least for now. I talked with a fellow writer here on, publish0x about AMPLE while I looked into the token's whitepaper. This is where I learned about the elasticity of the token and it trying to get back to $1 in value. They told me that it is only after you claim the AMPL that they start to become elastic. This means that the number of AMPL you have now will be the same until the time you decide to claim them. 

And why is this of importance you might ask? Other than the value of the tokens being somewhat close to the value displayed. Well because of the fact that we are in a Bear Market, this combined with the elasticity of AMPL makes for a nice opportunity. Because of the number of AMPL we have earned being fixed. This means we are protected from deflation in the coin. What it means is if the value is lower than $1 when the token tries to get back to $1 per token you will lose a few tokens. This does not affect your overall value, as this makes the value per token go up, while your number of tokens goes down. 

This is important because of the very fact we are in a Bear Market. And what usually happens here, is the prices go down. This also gives us an opportunity to probably get a slight profit. If we withdraw our AMPL when the market shifts from Bear to Bull. This should mean that the price of AMPL is more likely to be higher than $1. And thus it should get us more tokens, more tokens worth ~$1 apiece.

Of course, this is not financial advice, just a theoretical exercise in what-ifs. You should do with your tokens what you think is best, and in your best intrest.

And the person I talked with about AMPL was The Crazy Dude who I hope can confirm and repeat what we talked about in the comment section of one of his posts, if need be. At the very least you should check out his posts as they are very good, informative, and entertaining. So please give him a follow and say I sent you his way. =)

What is your thought about how the tips work, have you noticed any other features? If so please share them in the comment section down below.

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