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The tips has been adjusted with the recent update here on Publish0x, find out how

It has been about a week now since Publish0x adjusted the $ price of STA and AMPL. Something I think most of you were made aware of as you saw your earnings slashed in almost half on the STA front. But you might have missed this part.

Price slash

While it might look like you "lost" a lot of money with the new updated price. The truth is that you never had that money, to begin with. The price of STA had dropped, it was just the $ earnings were lagging behind and did not reflect the actual price of the tokens. 


The recent slash in earnings has caused quite a stir in the community

Now the price of the tokens is set to reflect the prices on CoinGecco. And it updated the price several times each day, in order to more accurately show the community the correct price. Personally, this feature is one of the best quality of life updates I have been a part of. But then again I have not been part of the community for that long. =)

The part you might have missed

Now to the more exciting part that you might have missed. If you keep track of your earnings before the price update. You probably have noticed that they pretty much were on par. Buth the AMPL and STA earnings were at roughly the same $ amount.

And here is the exciting part. This still holds true. If you now take a look at your earnings for June. You should see that the AMPL and STA are yet again on par with each other. The reason for this not being apparent after the update was due to the huge difference in price after the update. And that made it much harder to see.

But now with a new month, the monthly earnings have reset and now both AMPL and STA are back on par. This also means if the STA goes back up in price after the Bear Market. We hopefully should be able to regain the loss $ caused by the dip. If the STA regains its former price. But probably more exciting is the fact that we also will gain an increase in $ value because of the STA we now earn in the Bear Market. 

This just made me excited and wanted to share the great news with the community. And I have been able to confirm this as well with Igor from the Publish0x team. So this new quality of life update just keeps getting better and better in my book. Again a massive thank you to the Publish0x team, thank you!

Are you happy with this new update, or did you prefer it the way it was? Have you been a part of any other major quality of life updates, here on Publish0x or anywhere else, if so please share them in the comment section down below.

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