Picture of my stats for the last 30 days, text saying my first 30 days here at Publish0x

My first 30 days her at Pubish0x

This has been my first 30 days on the site as an author or writer. And I wanted to share a little about it with you. But first and foremost. I want to give a massive thanks to every person who has read one of my posts and every person who decided to follow me. A massive thank you to all of you, you are incredible!

30 days is not that long

I thought this would be a good time to do a little breakdown of my first 30 days here on Publish0x as an author. It has been quite the ride for me, with lots of new and lots of first. But to be honest that is kind of expected in the beginning. =)

I have in this time published around 60 posts, so close to 2 posts per day. And the reason for not knowing an exact number will become apparent pretty soon, I have been allowed to do some experiments that I will percent the result of this coming week if everything turns out as I planned.

Al these posts have been viewed a massive 37,583 times. So a huge thank you to everyone who has clicked on and read one or more of my posts, thank you.

My fort post: RollerCoin, tips and trix for the Lambo Rider game  

Is still trucking along as well. It is usually generating a few views every day, which I think is utterly amazing and total madness at the same time.


Truly humbling and amazing every time I look at the stats page

The first posts that were starting to do good were my first posts about Publish0x, where I try and figure out how stuff works and share what I have learned. And even now looking back to my early posts they stand out as they have around double the total views as my first RollerCon posts. The second of which was my very first post to breach 500 views as well. At that time it was sort of a magic number to me and looked to be completely unobtainable.

Soon thereafter came a new first, I was able to have a post be able to breach that 1k views in the first 24 hours. I have had one post be able to reach over 1k before. But that was done in the days that followed. This new post just flew past 1k in its first 24 hours. And still to this day it is the one post that has done the best for me. It is the post where I talk to Allen Taylor, a second vet here at Publish0x. And someone who has helped me a lot, and I am proud to consider a friend. So thank you Allen, and thank you Publish0x, for without you I would never have gotten to know Allen.

In case you want to take a look at that post you can find it here: A talk about starting out at Publish0x with Allen Taylor

Oh, and it was also my first post to breach that magic $1 in tips. 

And in these 30 days I have on top of getting a massive 37,583 views, thank you again. I have been somehow, not entirely sure how maybe I have made a deal with the devel unbeknownst to me, being able to get 127 followers. So the biggest thank you goes out to all of you. It is truly amazing and I am still blown away by people wanting to follow me and read what I write. So thank you all. I am truly grateful to all of you!

And again I just wanted to end by saying a massive thank you to all of you, thank you!

Edit: the day just keeps getting better and better, I have gotten 7 new followers, which is the most I ever have gotten in a day that I can recall. And I just learned I was one of the winners in the Upland writing contest. Wich was a super nice surprise to crown of my 30 first days. =)


See you on the interwebs!


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