RollerCoin, tips and trix for the Lambo Rider game


RollerCoin, the browser game where you simulate mining crypto currencies while actually getting crypto currencies. It is a bit meta I know, but I like it.

In this article I will assume that you are already familiar with the game itself and the different aspects of it. So I will not go into any detail of the game here. It will maybe come in a post further down the road.

I will instead focus on one of the minigames you play in the game itself to increase your hashing power. The game I will take a closer look at today is the game Lambo Rider. One of the four best games to play in order to get as high hashrate in the game as possible. The other three being Crypto Hamster, Token Blaster and Cryptonoid.

In Lambo Rider the RollerCoin mascot is driving their brand new lambo down the street. Trying to collect enough crypto coins before the time runs out. All while trying to avoid the obstacles that keep getting in the way. 


Let's get into the actual strategy of playing the game. In the game you will drive in one of the tree lanes. At a first glance you might think that all lanes are created equal. At a closer look this is not the case.  If you look at the top lane, the lane closest to the top of your screen. In order for you to get to the middle lane you need to move once. And in order to get to the bottom lane you need to move twice. The same is also true for the bottom lane, but in reverse.

So this leaves the middle lane. From here it only takes one move in order for you to reach any of the other two lanes. Be it the top- or the bottom lane. So with this, we can conclude that if you drive in the middle lane. You can then move where you need to much faster. Whether this is for avoiding an obstacle or for collecting coins.


The conclusion then is that it is better to always try and move back to the middle lane after being in the top- or bottom lane. As it is better to move while you have the time to do so. Saving you time to move when you have to move.


The game also has two unfortunate features in it that you should be aware of. The first one is that sometimes all three lanes can be blocked at once. Thus you will automatically end up taking one point of damage. 

The second feature that can happen in the game, occurs much more rarely than the blocked lanes. This is the fact that the game does not always spawn enough coins for you to collect before the time runs out. No matter if you collect all of them. Luckily this only happens in rare cases. But it is non the less good to know about it.


This leads me into the advanced strategy. That can be a bit risky. And this is taking damage to collect coins. Let me explain what I mean by this. Sometimes it can actually be very beneficial to take damage in order to be able to collect some coins. This usually happens when you drive around an obstacle and then coins spawn on the other side of the obstacle. 

So when should you use this strategy? Personally I will always do this if I have full hit points and the number of coins that I will collect are 4. If the time is nearing the end and I still have full life I will obviously collect 3 or even 2 coins in this way if I need them in order to complete the stage. 

So when do I switch and think it is ok to collect 3 or even 2 coins like this? The short answer is you get a feel for it. The more you play the game the better of a feel for when it is important to do so you will get. 

If I have taken damage I will of course be more restrictive with when I decide to take damage to collect coins. Simply because while on the last life the all blocked lane feature can occur. And then I will have to replay the stage. But with that in mind. The closer the time is to running out the more inclined I become to take damage to collect coins.


I hope this guide has been useful to you and that you now will be able to get even more hashrate for your mining simulator. That is RollerCoin.


If you are new to the game, and think this is something you would like to check out more. You can simply go to there you should be able to find all the info you will need.

And if you want to sign up for the game I would very much appreciate it if you would consider using my referral link:


See you on the interwebs!

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