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A talk about starting out at Publish0x with Allen Taylor

Yesterday on Saturday the 7th of March I was able to have a discussion with Allen Taylor, or cryptocracy as he is also known as on several platforms. He is a very active writer here on Publish0x for the past several years, as well as several other sites. He is also a freelance writer and the author of many books. one in particular called Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media. This is one I think most people here that are somewhat serious about their writing will find interesting.

I had asked it it would be possible to talk with Allen in the comments of one of his posts. And he said that we could. We then moved over to Discord where we had a nice two hour long chat. And the topic of our discussion was starting to write on cryptosocial platforms in general, but also Publish0x in particular. I thought I would share some of my takeaways after our close to two hour long conversation. So I asked Allen if this was ok with him, and he graciously said it was perfectly fine.

This leads us into my first big takeaway. Asking for permission. More importantly we talked about the use of pictures. To be more precis how people tend to use pictures in posts here on Publish0x and other platforms as well. We talked about the importance of using pictures that you either had gotten permission to use or that where free to use. And to confess I have in the past skirted the lines here and used some pictures that are on the border of ok. But the absolute majority of the pictures I use are actually pictures I have gotten the old all clear on using. Something I check before posting. And only using picture you are allowed to use. Weather they come from a site that provides them or from your own screengrab was also something Allen where a stickler for. This is, I assume, a habit he picked up in his professional life. 

He did share some of the resources he uses to source pictures for his articles. And I thought I would pass them on to you as well. And these sites are the following:




And even if it is not required of you tell the readers where you got the pictures from. It is the nice thing to do. And takes very little effort from your side. So try and always do that going forwards. =)

Another topic we talked about was money. And to be more precise how to make it. Allen has a similar goal to me in that he wants to be able to support himself off of his writing, without having to look for clients constantly. And in his case this means expanding his presence on cryptosocial platforms and focusing more on writing books rather the freelance writing. For me my goal is to be financially free. In that I wand to be able to provide for me by myself. Exactly how I will manage this, and if I am able to manage it. Is till a work in progress. And something you will be able to read about in the near future as I plan to start a new series of posts on this topic. 

Back to the topic of earning money with your writing. Allen is doing something that I as well am starting to slowly do more and more. And this is to use other cryptosocial platforms. Doing this allows you to post your articles at several sites at once. And what this does is drastically increasing the amount you are able to earn on one post. 

We also talked about the importance of building up your following. And that on most sites this is almost a must for you to be able to start earning. So pleas do me a gigantic favor and if your not following me and Allen Taylor pleas do so. =) As I just literally have started writing and posting in the last month. This is something I really need to work on. Allen who have been active for years on the other hand has a very nice following here on Publish0x, and on other sites as well.

The last topic for this post I plan to cover is the topic of content. I talked about what I so far have written the most about. And Allen told me about his process for creating posts as well. The one thing we had in common was we both believe that in order for you to succeed. You need to write about what you know and like. Do not try and copy what others do. Try instead to find your own voice. And use that to be heard.

This is the end for now. But who knows me and Allen might sit down for a second talk somewhere further down the line. So you never know when a second post like this might pop up. I hope this have been an interesting and useful read for you. Let me know what is your experience and view on these topics. Pleas share in the comments. And likewise if you have some questions, leave them in the comments as well, and I will try and get back to you as fast as possible.

Until the next time, as always take care and have a great day. And if you want to support me and the content I make pleas consider following me and reading my other posts. You can find them in my blogs here and here. And Allen's blog can be found here.


See you on the interwebs!



Picture sourced at, do not show neither me nor Allen


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