Changes I would like to see made to Publish0x, quality of life upgrades

For some time now I have been collecting ideas of things I would like to either have added or changed here on Publish0x. And I thought I would now share some of them with you in this post. And maybe you also have a similar list you can share with me?

These are not things that would drastically change the site or its functionality. I see them as more quality of life updates. Well, that is if they were to be implemented. And if the people here at Publish0x were to read this post and think "hey this guy has some really great ideas, we totally should implement these". Then know I am currently looking for work, even a part-time one. ;) But please feel free to use them if you think they are good. =)

Searching for things

The first thing I would like to get addressed is the search function that is up top. Because the way it works or doesn't work, is more of an annoyance than a feature. As an example, I can not search for one of my own posts. Whether using the whole copy-pasted name or a part of it. I copied the beginning of the title. But if I only use the one-word "KuCoin" I get a hit. 

The example post I used was my own post called; All is well with KuCoin, nothing to see here. Everyone carry on...

I do not get a hit while searching for the full copy-pasted title, or if I only use the beginning of it, all the words leading up to and including KuCoin. But I get a hit if I only do a search using the word KuCoin. My guess is that the search function only works for tags. 

But then again if I do a search for my friend's name; Allen Taylor. I do get a hit for my post which has his name in the title. And I can find him under the "users" section. Maybe it is because I tagged him with his username/tag in the post, and it is that the search function is finding?

As you can see either way it is a mess. And I do like to have a search function. But I would like to have a proper one that I can use actually to search and find what I am looking for. Not one that comes with a 15-page user manual and that in the best cases only works in a limited capacity.

Thumbnails, or the lack thereof

When we look at our own posts under "your posts" we cannot see the thumbnails of our own posts. In order for us to do this, we need to either read the post ourselves by opening / clicking on it. Or we need to open it in the editor and scroll to the bottom to view the thumbnail there. 

Maybe it is just me who would like to have them be shown when I am looking at my own posts? but actually do use them, I like to look at older thumbnails to see how I did them and what picture I used when I am covering the same subject or a similar one. So there is, for me at least, an argument to be made to include the thumbnails.

And if you want to make a mobile-friendly version of the site you could just put the options in the personal setting to turn off your own thumbnails. And maybe then include the additional option to turn off all thumbnails, if the person does not want to see their own there is a chance they would rather not see any thumbnails. If they want to save data as an example.

Movin tags

When I am writing a post and go down to the tag section. Sometimes, at least for me, I realized I put the tags in the wrong order. And then the only option, sadly, is to remove some of the tags, and then add them back in so that they fall in the correct order. 

And I guess you already know what I would like to have changed. I would like to have the ability to drag the tags back and forth. So I can change the order of them without having to delete them and then type them back in.

It is not a huge thing. But it would be a nice quality of life thing to have added.

Internal messaging between users

I would really like to have the option to be able to send messages to other authors, and why not include every user while we are at it. =)

This does not have to be done in a cumbersome way. I am not proposing we add on an internal email service or something crazy like that. I see a more elegant solution to this. And that is if we would have the ability to post "hidden" comments on a post. That way I would be able to talk to the creator and share contact information or other "for your eyes only" things.

It does not however solve the "every user" situation. Maybe a comment wall could be used then. Every user has their own comment wall that others can post on. That could work. And it would be better than the way people communicate right now. Wich is by posting info in the comment section. And hoping the other person reads it fast so I can delete it.

Having a comment wall would mean way less chance of people seeing the conversation before the vital information could be shared. 

Another way to solve this would be to have some sort of on-site chat. But that would have its own bag of worms with it. And could potentially change the site and the community in ways that would be unforeseen. And it sounds like the "more work" way to go also. =)

Notifications on and off

Having the ability to be able to control notifications to a higher extent would be very nice. I know there already are two options for how you can customize your notifications. You can turn on/off both the "Comments on Your Posts" and the "Replies to Your Comments". If you want to find this, you can find them under "Settings".

But I would like to be able to customize my notifications a bit more. Maybe I would like to be able to turn off my "new follower" notification (someone, not me might want to). 

But the thing I really would like to be able to do is to turn off the notification of new posts on an individual base. Maybe someone is posting a lot on a topic that is new and exciting for them, and it is a topic I can not stand. It would then be very nice for me to be able to turn off the notifications of new posts from that user. Because I might still like to follow them so I can find them in the future. Or maybe I like to read their backlog of posts. The reason to keep following them is many.

Staking my earnings

This one is arguably not a quality of life upgrade. But I thought I would include it on this list anyway. It would be more of a pipe dream than anything. ^^

And that is I would like to be able to stake my earnings here on the site. And skip the whole having to withdraw them process. And I am not talking massive APR or anything crazy like that. Just something would be ok. I would be more than happy to go 50/50, or something to this effect, with the site if they were to allow me to stake or delegate the staking.

But maybe it is just me being a lazy dreamer. =)

I do have a second post about changes I would love to see, but they all fall under a certain topic so I will leave them for now for a separate post of their own. Unless someone here at Publish0x is really curious and reaches out to me. hint, hint, looking for work, even part-time, hint, hint. ;)

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