Presearch - search engine with "cashback"

Presearch - search engine with "cashback"

By ntz | things I want you to know | 17 Jul 2021

I already told you about Brave, the browser blocking Ad's for you while rewarding you with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Today I want to tell you about a search engine additional to brave or your browser - Presearch.

Search privately, receive better results and get rewarded with the Presearch decentralized search engine, powered by blockchain technology.


Presearch is a search engine you can install as browser extension to every browser. If installed your search results will now be run by Presearch and you get 0.12 PRE tokens for every search. With its engine powered by blockchain technology everything is truly decentralized and reward those who contribute to its success.


Here you can see the start page.

As you can see the symbols of other search engines are shown under the searchbar. There you can use alternatives to Presearch if you're not satisfied with results.

Keyword staking

Staking should be a known process I wont explain in detail here. Keyword staking is a new way of advertisement in search engines I didn't knew before. You can stake your PRE Tokens to keywords.


If you want to stake your tokens to the keyword "publish0x", in this case, you need at least 6000PRE. That's because someone stakes 5000PRE on "publish0x". As "Reward" he gets an Ad link, shown as first result if you search "publish0x" while using Presearch. Following one could set their referral link as Ad link. Of course if someone overbids you, you get your stake back! 

I think this is a smart way to stake and a perfect use case for tokens based on a search engine

If you have questions about something feel free to ask in the comments :)

greeting from germany ntz410


passiv income I use:
Honeygain - sharing traffic (5$ signup bonus!)
Brave - secure, fast, private browser with crypto income
Presearch - search engine with crypto income I use with Brave (25PRE bonus!)

other ways to gain crypto free:
pipeflare faucet

remember im not a financial advisor


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things I want you to know
things I want you to know

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