How cool is Cryptowatch Desktop!

How cool is Cryptowatch Desktop!

By Brando_28 | thin ice | 4 Feb 2021

This very short article is about a tool that has become essential help for me when trading.

Cryptowatch is a trading platform which is owned by the California based Kraken exchange. I've been a happy Kraken and Cryptowatch user for a while now and I feel really comfortable with their user interfaces. I have always found most exchanges with their UI being too confusing or just lacking too much everything. Never had those feelings with Kraken/Cryptowatch.

However, now the best got even better. Take a look at Cryptowatch Desktop!




After the installing process I skipped the user guide and just started to play around with it. Pretty quickly I realized what was the catch: everything is fully customizable! For example, you can build a view including your favorite assets with candle stick charts(as I've done in the pic below), or you could include order books and tickers in different windows. Endless amount of possibilities!





Every window, or module as they are called, are resizable so you can create some very unique trading views. You can also split each window horizontally or vertically and fill the new module with what ever content you like. According to their user guide Cryptowatch can support up to 30 modules in a single dashboard. I guess this piece of info is relevant for all you owning a 4k screen. :) 

Modules can be set as summary, order book, candle chart, tick chart, ticker, time & sales, watch list or as text box for your notes. 

Within module configuration you can set all the basic stuff. For example with candle chart module you can adjust intervals, choose scale type, zoom in and out, etc. Each module type has it's own settings.





Even though Cryptowatch is owned by Kraken, there are lots of markets to choose from. If you are into arbitrage trading you could create a board with, let's say, six modules all displaying BTC-USDT pair but showing different markets. 

I have created boards for all the exchanges I'm trading with and included assets I currently own or are interested in. Switching between boards is easy and fast. 





This is the kind of topic that is hard to write about. Mainly because Cryptowatch Desktop is really easy to use and with it's custom options it's better to try it out yourself and just have fun with it!

Even with a risk of starting to sound like a Kraken/Cryptowatch spokesperson, I must say that this is the one chart tool I've been waiting for. It's free and it's a must have. 

Check it out! Thanks for reading.


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