By Brando_28 | Greener Candles | 4 Sep 2020

Wombat has just released their new gaming platform called Womplay

The interface is quite nice looking and simple enough. There are three categories of games: top earning games, challenges and quick play.  You can earn EOS from top earning games and challenges directly to your wombat wallet. When playing quick play games you earn wombucks. Wombat tells us that you can stack wombucks up and join cash-out challenges to exchange them to EOS. 

Main page also includes a prize pool of 1000$ which ends in a couple of days at the time writing this. Womplay has a referral system in where you get 25% of your friends earnings.


Quick playing games are simple and fun for a while but it seems that you have to start every session all over again which is frustrating. In this category there are games like 3D basketball and basic bubble shooter. 


After a while I started playing Challenges. I got really addicted to their solitaire game in which you are up against another player. There are levels and EOS buy-ins. The catch is that it has a timer nad finishing quickly earns you extra points. It's like they say, "Solitaire on steroids". Winner takes the prize. 


As for the top earning games I've have played Chain Clash and  EOS Racing before. Now there's also a non-blockchain game, Forge of Empires which you have to download to your mobile. 

Chain Clash

To get you you started you need a Wombat wallet

You can ad the chrome plugin to Brave browser and use your chrome account to login for example. Wombat wallet is also available on Google play and Apple app store. 

All in all I can big potential for this site when it gets developed further. Now you can find your favorite EOS in the same place and not scattered around the web.  Game on!



Pipe Flare - claim Zec, Pivx and Dash

Horizen Faucet - claim Zen

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