Theta secured Partnership with Vegas Golden Knights

Theta secured Partnership with Vegas Golden Knights

Theta is off to a strong start for 2024 - Theta price is over $1, that deserves a Woot!

Theta secured the Official Partner Spot with the Vegas Golden Knights

For those outside the USA, this is a NHL (National Hockey League) team and yes, they do play Hockey in the desert (well not technically in the desert its in a nice cold stadium w/ about 3/8" of ice covering the rink) sorry, I saw a squirrel!

The official announcement came out on the Knights homepage on 01/16/2024, and at the time of writing this, yet to hit the Theta Network page on Medium. But, you know me I am always looking for good news in terms of Theta Network.  Keep in mind, the Knights are still a 'young' team in terms of the life in NHL. The Montreal Canadians NHL team has been around since 1909.   And you also know everybody loves partnering with Winners and the Knights already have HUGE successes in just six years in the NHL; winning the Stanley Cup twice! A huge milestone for any team and kudos for such a new organization!!



Why would Theta partner in Vegas; why not Hockey town?

Theta already has several strong relationships in Vegas w/ Katy Perry and the massive Resorts World International so this is a logical extension and expansion in the Vegas metro area.  Additionally, I envision the Knights players/team/back office staff all being interested in NFT's from a NHL standpoint.  Which then could lead to Theta growth across the NHL. Perhaps seeing the Knights and Theta logo info splashed across the huge side of Resorts World International? Just throwing out some obvious ideas for marketing purposes. 

Perhaps this will be the much needed spark to bring life back to ThetaDrop site?

Recall, Theta is already working w/ Sony on 3D NFTs. So, NHL NFTs are not a stretch.

Theta continues to silently build its ecosystem.

Theta has 26 out of max 41 Enterprise Validator Nodes (Google & DappRadar being name drop worthy validators)

Media and tech companies (Samsung, Sony, Google, CAA, Replay (Rewarded TV)) Institutional investors (BridgeTower, Sierra, DHVC, Heuristic Capital, Venture Reality Fund, and GFR Fund) to name a few.  I expect more Media and tech relationships to be announce by Theta this year; again just speculation.



I have not hidden my favor for Theta over the years. I am pleased they continue to invest in their partner ecosystem as well as developing out features and functions making dCDN a reality while bringing new content avenues to their blockchain. Check back often to find out what else is going on the Theta Network.

Disclaimer - I am not an employee nor an agent of Theta Network, although it sounds super exciting!



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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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Theta Network basics in bite size pieces
Theta Network basics in bite size pieces

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