Saying goodbye to my alt account on Splinterlands

During the past 115 days, probably a little bit more, I was playing with 2 accounts on Splinterlands. My main account, which mostly does end in Diamond III and my alt account, which just ended in Bronze III or II.

The main reason was that I did purchase 100 quest potions for each account, meaning that I did get 5 extra chests when completing my daily quest. This was very profitable in the beginning. Around 1.5 months ago, Splinterlands did change some reward rules, resulting in the fact that playing with the alt account, wasn't so profitable anymore. While I still got my extra 5 chests, I mostly got potions or small pieces of credits as rewards. I did have only 10% or something like that on a card.

Due to the fact that the quest potions weren't transferable, I decided the sit it out and would clear my alt account, when I did ran out of quest potions, which was today!

My last daily rewards!

See, lots of potions and remarkably one card. I will only use this account for the moment when I did purchase some Chaos Packs, so that I can use the potions when opening them.

What did I earn?

I do believe this morning the value of the deck was just above $700. Of course I did forget to take a screenshot of it.


All reward cards where won by completing the daily quest. The Chaos Legends Cards are a result of sending over 20 Chaos Legend Packs from my main account, the consume some of the potions.

So, the account is cleared now and only has the potions left. If I don't forget I will try to complete one battle per season,which should be enough to open 5 chests at the end of the season. You never know what is inside of it.

Not sure yet what I will do wih the SPS staked. There is no difference if I do leave it here and stake it on my main account, so for the moment it will just stay there!

Main account!
So the main account did receive a shit load of cards and the question was what to do with them. For the reward and CL cards, I tried to combine as much as possible so that the deck got a little bit stronger, but also decided to decrease my stake into Splinterlands a bit, by putting some cards on the market.

To my surprise the total amount of the cards on the market was higher than I did anticipate. In total I am selling my cards for $1266. Let's see how long it will take to sell them all.

The biggest share of the sales will be used to purchase some more BFG.


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