Yoghurt - Bomb
Yoghurt Bomb

Yoghurt - Bomb

By 44er | TheCookingBook | 28 Jul 2020

Hello again, I hope you are well and you want to cook, because here I present you a new recipe




Ingredients for 6 servings:

500 g natural yoghurt
120 g sugar
1 pck. vanillin sugar
2 cups of whipped cream
1 dash of lemon juice, or some grated lemon peel
500 g berries, frozen or fresh, e.g. berry mixture, raspberries, strawberries
n. B. Sugar





One day before, mix yoghurt, sugar, vanillin sugar and lemon. Whip the cream until stiff and fold into the yoghurt mixture. Line a sieve with a clean tea towel and place on a larger bowl. Pour the mixture into the sieve and chill overnight.

The next day, turn the yoghurt mass out of the sieve onto a plate.



Defrost the frozen fruit. Put some aside for decoration. Puree half of the fruits and add the rest. Add sugar to taste.

Fold the yoghurt bomb with fruit over and decorate.



A simple recipe that is difficult to make an impression on guests. Can be prepared well, looks great and tastes very good. Especially popular in summer.






Now I wish you a good appetite!

I hope you like the recipes

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