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Hello Publish0x community!

We are super excited to be here. Our group is known as OriginalWorks and CateredContent on Steemit. We have been running writing contest for over two years. We are currently experimenting with



1300 USD Event Description

  • Write an article about
  • Publish it on
  • Submit the article to
  • We are currently experimenting and have not added full support for Publish0x yet. Please pick any other social media platform from the dropdown when you are on the "Submit Article" page.
  • Remember, all the content must be original and anything that is not original must be properly quoted/cited. There are outlined on the contest page.





Important Details

  • In the submission page, you can choose which cryptocurrency you want your prize in as well as the social media platform. For the prize type, please go to your profile, and add an address for your chosen asset. For this event, we support ETH, Steem and XPX. 



Contest Rules (All the rules are on the contest page as well)



  • Write and publish an article on Medium or Steemit or Publish0x.
    • Article Share Bonus: If you wrote an article, share your article on Twitter to get a bonus! Make sure to include #proximax.
    • Article Bonus: If you would like to publish your article on both Medium and Steemit, one of them will be treated as a bonus.
  • Bonus Bounties:
    • Write a small blurb about an awesome ProximaX feature and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #proximax.
    • Post a ProximaX related graphic on Instagram with the hashtag #proximax.
  • Videos: Make a short video about ProximaX. Please be mindful of ambient noises and background if making a selfie style video. Videos can be posted on YouTube/DTube! 
  • Max Submissions: One user can submit a maximum of one Medium or Steemit article (if both one of them will be treated as a bonus), one Twitter link, one Instagram link and one YouTube video.


  • Prizes will be distributed to all users who fairly participate. Winners will be announced and posted here.
    • Articles will be ranked and receive rewards based on quality.
    • All qualifying bounties and link shares will get a small bonus depending on the number of participants.
    • Videos will be ranked an receive rewards based on quality.
  • When submitting an article please choose if you would like to be rewarded in STEEM, ETHEREUM or XPX (FOR XPX PLEASE USE MAINNET WALLET ADDRESS, USERS WHO CHOOSE XPX WILL RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL 5% BONUS ON THEIR PRIZES).
    • Don't forget to go to your profile page and update your wallet information.


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0 runs writing contests for various companies. The writing contests have prizes that users can win by participating! is a website that allows its users to earn crypto in exchange for writing content! We host numerous e | 1300 USD Writing Contest | 1300 USD Writing Contest You can join the writing contest by publishing an article about on Publish0x! Select "STEEMIT" from social media platform dropdown when submitting your article. We will add Publish0x to the dropdown soon

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