ENJIN Coin: for those who bank on strong mobile banking and mobile gaming growth!

What is ENJIN Coin?

For basic information about Enjin Coin, please read my post:

ENJIN offers exposure to both mobile gaming as well as mobile banking.

Enjin Coin offers a complete blockchain ecosystem combining interconnected blockchain-based gaming products and services with a bridge to payment systems including the USD, EURO, Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other pairs.

This project is uniquely positioned to profit from the upcoming merging activities between traditional gaming industry platforms and the newest trends in their field: mobile gaming and blockchain gaming solutions.

And believe it or not: mobile is the way forward for the financial industry as well: our current payment system with paper bills, coins, and digital currencies in databases will be replaced by a new system of central bank digital currencies, operating peer-to-peer among all people. Central banks have followed the developments within the cryptocurrency industry close-by and are developing their 'fiat' CBDC's, because without a maximum supply, they remain fiat. The result will be accessibility to both government and private money protocols, allowing for spending (fiat) and saving (Bitcoin,...)

With one of the best crytpo wallets, Enjin is the perfect candidate to store your digital currencies: fiat (CBDC's) and blockchain currencies. Enjin is therefore a well-estimated investment that will profit from the growth in both gaming as well as governmental and private digital currencies.

Of all the NFT (non-fungible token players), Enjin is clearly the best pick and for that reason it is also the market leader in its segment. The current setback in price (measured in sats Enjin lost 2/3 of its value!!!), offers a unique moment to step in and buy at huge discounts.

Personally my view is that Enjin will do well and offers exposure to several big brands like:

  • Xbox;
  • PlayStation;
  • Windows PC;
  • Mobile gaming;
  • Mobile banking with access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and future but yet to be launched CBDC's.

A rally is imminent and can easily double the price from around 500 sats to 1000 sats and well above. (Enjin was valued above 1500 sats for quite some time before the correction)


This article is my personal view and no financial advice, feel free to do your own research.

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The wonderful world of NFT's
The wonderful world of NFT's

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