Read The Weekly Summary - Personal Finance Edition [Issue 40.0]

The Weekly Summary - Personal Finance Edition [Issue 40.0]

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 14 Jan 2021

Issue 40.0 / January 14, 2021

Personal Finance

CNBC is reporting that currency in circulation exploded in 2020. A rate not seen in over seven decades. Experts see this as a good sign for the economy.

Have you ever thought how much your free time is worth? On average? It’s worth about $19 an hour. Lyft conducted a big study on the value of time recently. Here's a Twitter thread that captured the findings.

Sign-up for Lyft to receive $2 to $5 off each of your first 1 to 5 rides with my referral code. Thank you!

Lyft is attempting to provide access to 60 million rides to and from vaccination sites so transportation is not a barrier to care.

Remote work expert Stefan Palios is making a bold prediction. He's forecasting 1 billion remote workers by 2025, including freelancers and employees. 

In applying for a job, don't just focus on the salary. Analyze and compare other important factors, such as commute, benefits, and housing requirements.

$36 billion in unemployment fraud over one year is unacceptable.

Chrome may cause massive CPU usage that slows down your MacBook Pro or iMac.

Google Pay will give you up to $5 when you make your first qualifying payment of $10 or more.

Earn free gift cards with Drop.

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