The Weekly Summary - Issue 25.0
Read The Weekly Summary - Issue 25.0

The Weekly Summary - Issue 25.0

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 27 Sep 2020

Issue 25.0 / September 27, 2020


Enduring understandings from some of the greatest investors.

Another example of Warren Buffett’s investing intelligence and patience.

An assessment of stock market sentiment for the past six months.

Microsoft raises its dividend by almost 10%.

Microsoft doubles-down on Xbox and buys a video game studio for $7.5 billion.

The water sector is trying to establish a market structure with futures contracts.

A spreadsheet update on all the companies I own for free thanks to weekly Stash Stock Parties. I've received $26.48 of free stock since early March. Here's my latest Stash Stock Party portfolio update.

Personal Finance

Mr. Wonderful breaks down how you can retire a millionaire.

Don't lose the benefit of time, prioritize retirement.

Factor retirement into all of your financial decisions.

It may be a messy 2021 for consumers.

Build a moat around your money and assets

Lumber costs for new homes have surged. The pandemic is also changing the home preferences of layout and design. And the suburbs are getting hot again.

Learn the basics of a mortgage.

Plastiq can be used to pay for some bills that do not accept credit cards. In the past, I’ve used Plastiq to pay for mortgage and rent payments. 


For the past decade, the banking sector has criticized cryptocurrency claiming it would be used as a platform for criminality. Last week it was reported that some of the biggest banks in the industry were caught red-handed with laundering money and having direct ties to fraud of $2 trillion in the past 20 years.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York is hosting a virtual conference featuring a Cross-Border Payments, Digital Currencies, and Tokens session on Sept.29.

Thinking about a Bitcoin investment? Do your cryptocurrency homework first.  

What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

World-famous auction house will be selling an NFT for the first time in its 254 year history.

Everything in the real world will be turned into an NFT on the blockchain...” - Ian Lee

Blockchain in education.

Education blockchain action network.

Download the Brave browser and earn free BAT.


Sell an idea, not a product.

Invest in Twitter advertising by putting yourself out there with promoted content.

The top 20 courses of the year have been unlocked by LinkedIn. Everyone has access to the most in-demand content for free until October 1, including this course on personal branding.

Getting started with a YouTube Channel.

Find thousands of keywords for your blog or site with the free SEO tool Ubersuggest.

Start a business online because it’s very low cost.

Start a company to learn all these things. Here are some business ideas.

Building a company of one.


Gain an edge by thinking differently.

A shortlist on improving intelligence and paving a path to self-directed learning.

Recent research on rewiring your brain to eliminate bad habits.

Live an intentional life by adding an exclamation mark.

Connect your pre-writing ideas with islands and bridges.

Onboarding for success.

Subscribe to literature by weekly email to read some classics that were intended to be divided as installments by their authors.

Choices continue to increase for students past high school, especially with big tech entering the higher education sector. What will universities of the future look like?


Ideas and information presented in my articles are for educational purposes only and not intended to be investment advice. Investments in the stock market and cryptocurrency could be speculative and volatile and result in money loss. Always conduct your own research. You may want to obtain independent legal, financial, taxation, and/or other professional advice with respect to any information from this content. I may mention products or services and some of those products are affiliate links that reward me.


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