The Weekly Summary - Issue 19.1 - Learning Edition

The Weekly Summary - Issue 19.1 - Learning Edition

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 16 Aug 2020

Issue 19.1 / August 16, 2020


An active mind means ownership and accountability.

You need to have a balanced diet for your body and mind.

Decision making is underrated, pay attention because decisiveness is essential.

Improve your reading experience by trying what Bill Gates recommends; 1) take notes, 2) be selective with books, and 3) establish a reading hour.

Beware of destination addiction.

I can’t do #7 because of insomnia, but a solid list if you want to level up.

Just do it. That’s right, go ahead and start.

An interesting perspective on some of the biggest platforms out there.

What part of your day do you own?

Simplicity is the best user interface.

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I'm a student of personal finance, investing, cryptocurrency, NFTs, & blockchain. I'm currently learning and thinking in public on The Weekly Summary. I'm also a foodie that loves fitness.

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