How To Get Amazon AWS Free Forever?

How To Get Amazon AWS Free Forever?

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       Ankush here back with another amazing post. In this post I will be sharing how can you get Amazon AWS legally forever. Like the azure one, you would be getting here some credits which can be used to access the VPS. If you haven't read the previous article, please read it here. It contains much more details that I won't be sharing here. Sorry for that, but till now, both methods are working. It is especially for those who weren't able to use the last method.

    Now, Amazon has a free tier, but it requires a credit card. I am not talking about that. It does have some restrictions like medium speed in bandwidth and so on. Also, AWS has a student's tier, but it only provides 30 credits. For some, it may be ok, but what if I say that you can increase it all the way to 105 credits? Read on, this is fully possible. In one of the upcoming posts I will also explain a way to get 5000 credits! Stay tuned for that.

Are you ready reader? Here we go-

1. Go to groom website and sign up for a new account. I am not going very deep here. Just verify the verification code and open a free account. Please don't upgrade.

2. Go to profile page. You would see the banner which says get 75$ AWS educate credits. Click on that banner. Now, scroll down and select application for registration.

3. Fill the application form accordingly.

4. Within a few hours to few days, you may receive an application to complete the form. I request you to complete the form after 7-10 days for safety.

5. It may take up to 12 hours (approx.) to get your AWS account approved.

     Simple accounts like Gmail and Yahoo gets approved too, but for 100% approval guarantee, please use a student's mail. Please note, you would receive groom credits first, so please use them little bit before the arrival of AWS credits, or else your account would be suspended before the credits are exhausted.

The proof is attached in the thumbnail image for your reference.

Enjoy your free VPS, once exhausted, refer to website again to generate one.

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